Self Regulating Meditation: ANXIOUS Attachment Pattern

Self Regulating Meditation: AVOIDANT Attachment Pattern

Secure Attachment Maintenance Process

Download this 5 week Secure Attachment Exercise designed to help rewrite your anxious/avoidant attachment pattern.

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Self Regulating Meditation Videos

These Self Regulating Meditation videos are designed to help regulate your nervous system and anchor healthy secure patterning in your physiology and neurology.  The include a combination of music, imagery, and healthy belief patterns that work in combination to restore your state in the moment when you might be feeling either anxious or avoidant.

The images in these videos are 'Sacred Circuits' given by one of our favorite metaphysical teachers named Bashar.   These images are meant to evoke the states of being listed underneath each one.  As you meditate on their shapes, they create a morphogenic field which can re-organize your energy and your neurology.

Morphogenic Field:  Morpho - meaning form or shape.  Genic - meaning producing or causing.  Therefore a morphogenic field is a form that can produce or cause an effect in it's environment.

Sacred Circuits: A series of images that are designed to alter the energetic circuitry of the physiology and neurology (credit: Bashar/Daryl Anka)

We recommend watching or listening to these meditations at any time when you are wanting to self regulate your nervous system back into a state of secure, balanced, healthy patterning.   Open your eyes long enough to visualize the 3 sacred circuit images in each video in your mind's eye and then if it's more comfortable for you, close your eyes again as you listen to the rest of the meditation.

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