A Celebration Of Love


5 years ago on the Summer Solstice in 2012, we said “I do”

We knew it was going to be amazing.  It’s been even better than we thought.

Come celebrate love, your love, and our love together.

In true Bryan and Jennifer fashion, we’re creating this event *for you*.

We want to bathe you in the love and light that we are fortunate to live inside of every day. To feel the extraordinary power of tireless devotion and how it can bring each of us forward to be even more of who we always were. To share the delight and playfulness and profundity and soul-soaking nourishment of love.

We’re cooking up ideas for how to tickle and expand your minds, hearts, bodies, and spirits. With a sweet balance of structured and unstructured time, expect art, music, poetry, epic conversation, and uncontrollable giggles.


Like our wedding, this will be an experiential ride through our values







DATE: Saturday, July 8th 2017

TIME: 12:00 PM PT - 2:00 AM PT

LOCATION: 1001 Windsor Ave. Oakland, CA



  • Saturday Afternoon Oakland, CA
  • 12:00 PM Arrive & Settle In
  • 1:30 PM Opening Ceremony
  • 5:00 PM Vow Ceremony / Reflections



  • Saturday Evening Oakland, CA
  • 7:30 PM Dedications to Love
  • 8:00 PM Vegetarian Dinner
  • 2:00 AM Closing of the Night
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You can park anywhere in front of the house or across from the house which has very long frontage extending from the neighbor's steps on the uphill side, including the oak tree, all the way to our driveway on the downhill side. There is no time limit or forbidden times. Please do not park in front of neighbors' houses, they won't like it. Additional curbside parking in front of the big public lawn on Harvard Ave.  See pictures below for the good spots.


STEP 1: Sign-Up To Contribute

In the spirit of our value of contribution, we'd love to have some of you help with things like snacks, setup, cleanup, breakfast duties, etc.  We also need more plush and pillows so when you are packing up to come to the party bring 1-2 extra pillows and blankets for squish plus signup below...

Please sign up for between 1-2 things on the signup list below:

  • 1

    Being A Helper (15)

    Contribute your time, energy, brightness and smiles to infuse love into the space before people arrive, throughout the night to keep things beautiful, or at the close.

  • 2

    Bringing Snacks & Supplies (14)

    Contributing healthy organic snacks for us all to share in the afternoon and after dinner

Current Sign-up Sheets

No sheets currently available at this time.

STEP 2: Send In Your Contribution

To help us feed you July 8th and 9th (caterers, cleanings, etc.) we'd love a small donation - which will also serve to offset a small portion of the costs, let us know that you are confirmed and coming so we know how much food to have prepared.

Send $50.00 via paypal to and select 'Friends and Family' to avoid charging us fees.  Your contribution will help make this party great! Huge thanks and gratitude for your contributions.

Send My Donation Now


We’re so glad you asked! There's a number of easy things you can do to make it fun for everyone.

There are also some sacred ways we’d love for you to contribute.

  1. Fill out the “community vows” clicking the button below and make a declaration of love for love itself and for our precious community.
  2. Would you like to express anything about how our love story has inspired you to love more? This can be sharing a poem, a love declaration, a song, a dance, or any form of art that feels right to you. Just reach out to us ( and let us know what kind of thing you’d like to do!
My Community Vows


THE SACRED: Pujas To Love

It's always been a dream of ours to celebrate our anniversary with our tribe - with all of you that have been holding us individually and holding us as a couple to come together to celebrate our union and to give us a 'report card' of how you think our love story is going.

There will be times when "the middle is open" for reflections on our love story, our vows (see the slide carousel below), and our values  and share with us lovingly and transparently your reflections...tell us where you've been inspired, tell us where you've seen us evolve and grow, tell us where you think we could be even better if...

There will be times later in the evening for Pujas - Devotional Dedications to Love: This can take the form of performance, poetry, dance, love declarations, or any other form you are moved to make from the core of your heart. If our love has touched you deeply, now is a time you can share that through creativity and vulnerability and let it ripple out.

Reach out and let us know if you'd like to be part of that.


We are in a fancy Piedmont neighborhood and have been asked to make sure we can't be heard by the neighbors past 11 PM.  So we'll definitely have music and dance and revelry but we'll likely keep it a reasonable volume starting at 11 PM with more ambient, sensual, music.

We'll likely be winding down between 12midnight and 2am, if you'd like to arrange to stay or you are coming in from out of town just email us so we can plan for it.

  • Extra Squish (We need pillows, blankets, a few foams!)
  • Water Bottle and Mug (for hot tea)
  • Towel (there's a small hot tub onsite)
  • White outfit (for our afternoon vows ceremony)
  • Your favorite love poetry and love based music
  • Your vows to community (which you can write on our google sheet)
  • Your FULL beauty and truth fully expressed at an 11
  • Any performance, creativity, or reflections that would celebrate love
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