This is an agreement between quadratic, Inc., d/b/a/ California Leadership, (“CL”) and you the Participant (“Participant”) made today on the date of your purchase of the Evolving Love Workshop.

The Evolving Love Workshop is a live event (“Event”) facilitated by Bryan Franklin and Jennifer Russell covering the topic of love and relating.

Terms and Conditions:

    1. Description. Any Participant who completes the Event will receive information and experiences conducive to exploring love and relating.
    2. CL Provides. CL provides access to the Event location, course materials, and facilitation for the duration of the Event.
    3. Event Changes. If for any reason we deem it necessary to change the Event dates we may do so by notifying you in writing of the changes we make. In this case you retain the right to reschedule your enrollment without penalty.
    4. Payments.  Participant agrees to complete ALL payments according to the payment option chosen:
      Couples Workshop:  1xFull Payment of $595
      Singles Workshop: 1xFull Payment of $495
      Participant shall complete all payments as agreed regardless of Participant’s attendance or consumption of materials. Failure to participate is not grounds for a refund.
    5. Outstanding Balance. Participant with a late or outstanding balance may not be permitted to access content or events until Participant’s payments are current.
    6. Canceling Your Enrollment Within The 3 Day Cooling-off Period. If you choose to cancel your enrollment for any reason within 3 business days of purchase, then we will refund you the total amount. Please allow up to 10 business days after your refund has been approved for your refund to be processed. Participants must notify CL in writing during this period explaining that they are electing to drop the program and are requesting a refund.   Send this correspondence to or California Leadership 23 Regulus Ct Alameda, CA 94501 on or before the refund period date in order to be eligible for a full refund.  After the refund period, the Participant acknowledges that all remaining payments are due.  No refunds will be issued after this date.
    7. Canceling Your Enrollment After the 3 Day Cooling-off Period But Prior to the “Cancellation Deadline” which is 10 days prior to the event. Participant retains the right to cancel this contract and obtain a refund, less 5% in fees if they make this request on or before the Cancellation Deadline 10 days before the start date of the workshop.  Contract cancellation must be submitted to CL in writing. Send this correspondence to or California Leadership 23 Regulus Ct Alameda, CA 94501 on or before the Cancellation Deadline in order to be eligible for a full refund.  After the Cancellation Deadline, Participants shall not cancel this contract for any reasons and forfeit all rights to refunds or non-payment. The full payment for this event is due regardless of their participation. .  No refunds will be issued after this date.
    8. Intellectual Property: The Participant acknowledges that all course materials are subject to copyright law. Participants shall not reproduce any course materials in whole or part without the express written consent of the copyright holder. In most cases, the copyright holder is CL. Participants may be exposed to copyrighted material not owned by CL.
    9. Disclaimer: The Participant recognizes that CL does not make any warrants or guarantees about the Participant’s love life, sex life, relationship status, or mental health either during or after completion of the Event. CL does not accept responsibility for any errors, inaccuracies in, or omissions from, the information and experiences provided during or in relation to the event.
    10. Physical & Psychological Health. Participant acknowledges that the Event may be emotionally challenging and stressful. The Participant is responsible for their own mental and physical safety and well being. This Event is not intended, nor appropriate for people with diagnosed mental or emotional conditions. If Participant has a history of any medical or psychological problems, CL strongly advises and encourages that Participant to seek out the help of a professional.
    11. Hold Harmless: Participant shall hold Bryan Franklin, Jennifer Russell, CL, its employees, directors, officers, contractors, parent companies, representatives, shareholders, volunteers, assigns and affiliates harmless against any and all losses, claims, damages and expenses.
    12. Entire Agreement: This Agreement represents the entire agreement and supersedes all prior agreements oral or written.

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