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Bring your best self, your highest expression, your brightest vibration as your lightness surrenders into joy!

For all those that skipped the burn this year, this is all 7 days of Burning Man packed into one fun, fantastical, and magical night! If you went to burning man, decompression is meant to continue the magic and deepening of connections as you 'ease' back into the 'Grand Playa' bringing some of that experience back with you to enjoy with new eyes.

This year our theme is Metamorphosis.  The more we venture out of our cocoon after a period of harvesting and learning, the more we can spread our wings and take flight in an entirely new form.

Let this night transform your consciousness - cellularly, visually, mentally - to a level of connectedness that allows you to feel the new you taking shape right before your eyes.

The night will be filled with performances, special guest DJs, and interactive experiences for you to delight in!

The night will be filled with performances, special guest DJs, and interactive experiences for you to delight in!

"I would rather be this waking metamorphosis than any single form I can dream of."



When you expand like crazy, reaching out toward the skinny branches, exploring new sides of yourself and the universe that mirrors your light and shadow sides back to you, there is a time for integration.

After the transformation experiences on or off playa now is the time to come together and unfurl and experience the new versions of ourselves that we want to bring forward this year.  Use the loving embrace of your besties to tell your tales, choose your stories, and deliberately bring to your future self what most serves you. 

The night will be filled with performances, special guest DJs, and interactive experiences for you to delight in!

We have invited some incredibly talented musicians and DJs to delight you throughout the night so you can spread your wings and dance together joyfully shakin' your booties and feeling our aliveness.

In addition we'll have some other offerings like cacao, tea, and art to bring in some fo the flavor of the burn.


[op_slider style="3" animation_type="slide" animation_loop="y" slideshow_sizing="stretch" slideshow_autostart="y" animation_speed="700" slideshow_speed="7000"][op_slide title="Alia Frequency" image="/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/Alia-Frequency-Decompression-2019.jpg" bg_color="" href="https://soundcloud.com/aliafrequency"]Her music is an evocative, lush journey into her own blend of bass-heavy electronic dance beat, feminine voices, and sacred psychelic sounds[/op_slide][op_slide title="Mikey Pauker" image="/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/Mikey-Pauker-Decompression-2019.jpg" bg_color="" href="https://soundcloud.com/mikeypauker"]He is a live folk and world artist. His music is an invitation to listen to the call of our inner wilderness and to greet our darkness with an open heart. [/op_slide][op_slide title="Equanimous" image="/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/Equanimous-Decompression-2019.jpg" bg_color="" href="https://soundcloud.com/equanimouslove"]He is music producer, DJ, and multi-instrumentalist. He combines elements of downtempo, bass, and house music to create a joyous high vibrational atmosphere on the dance floor[/op_slide][op_slide title="DJ Celeste Lear" image="/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/DJ-Celeste-Decompression-2019.jpg" bg_color="" href="https://soundcloud.com/celeste-lear"]Unique and edgy Trap, Tribal Rhythms & Future Bass Music. She craftily mixes the hottest high energy Deep/Tech/Future House cuts to Top 40/Pop cuts, classics, and conscious hip hop & funk[/op_slide][op_slide title="Madhu Anziani" image="/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/Madhu-Anziani-Decompression-2019.jpg" bg_color="" href="https://soundcloud.com/madhusahu2012"]A sound healer, musician, and a qi gong practitioner who used the power of sound, chi, and his voice to heal from tetraplegia (paralysis affecting all four limbs)[/op_slide][op_slide title="Nate Levin" image="/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/Nate-Levin-Decompression-2019.jpg" bg_color="" href="https://soundcloud.com/nate-levin"]As a bassist, Nate has performed professionally on (or near) seven continents creating “chest vibrating bass-lines,” and was featured in Oberlin’s critically acclaimed Contemporary Music Ensemble.[/op_slide][/op_slider]


STEP 1: Sign-Up To Contribute

It's just like Burning Man! There are no spectators and your contributions are part of what makes this event so great! To reserve your spot the first thing you need to do is signup for your contribution.

Please sign up for between 1-2 things on the signup list below.  

    Being A Leader

    To help us organize, plan, and coordinate pre-party to make the event flow beautifully.

    Being A Helper

    To help us in one of the critical roles to do things like getting setup and decorated pre-party, to greet people and get them settled as they arrive and to cleanup and strike.

    Bringing Snacks

    Bringing snacks and yummy things for us to eat put out in the kitchen area both during the evening and at brunch/lunch the next day.

    Bringing Supplies

    Bringing some decor and supplies to make the space beautiful...things like squish, pillows, blankets, fabrics, and art

    Current Sign-up Sheets

    No sheets available at this time.


    STEP 2: Send In Your Contribution

    To cover our costs for things like caterers, food, cleanings, decor, lighting, sound, performers, supplies, etc we'll need a financial donation. To officially reserve your spot, make sure to send $64.00 via paypal to jennifer@jennifersrussell.com and select 'Friends and Family' to avoid charging us fees. Your contribution will help make this party great! Huge thanks and gratitude for your contributions.

    IMPORTANT: Your spot will NOT be reserved until you send this in so make sure to do it right away or we'll have to give your spot to one of the many hopefuls on our waiting list.  San Pedro has limited space so we have to keep the guest list tight so everyone has room to stay!


    Who's making all this magic happen anyway? Glad you asked! Big appreciation goes out to our incredible event organizers who help create events that our community will remember forever.  If you've got questions or need to reach out about things like invites, contributions, doing a performance, bringing art, leading a workshop or other offering check out the names and emails below and reach out to the appropriate person via email to let us know.

    Jennifer, Organizer, Guest List, Communication | Budget

    Contact: jennifer@jennifersrussell.com

    Kim, House Liason |  Lead House Prep | Hostess

    Contact: kiglinsky@gmail.com

    Bertram, Organizer | Budget

    Contact: meyer@bertrammeyer.de

    Sergio, Organizer | Recruiting Leads

    Contact: oceansong11@gmail.com

    Mikey DJs, Artists | Sound

    Contact: mikeypauker@gmail.com

    Dana, Camping Grounds & Vans

    Contact: danamuscatello@gmail.com

    KannaInteractive Experiences

    Contact: shaina.kandel@gmail.com

    Tara, Catering

    Contact: ellechip@gmail.com

    Melani, Van Spots | Camping

    Contact: mbolyai@yahoo.com