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Commonplace ordinary views lead to having commonplace ordinary relationshipsWe found 10 beliefs that seem like they make sense on the surface, but actually strangle the magic out of what could otherwise be epic and lasting love.  Use these breakthroughs to make your relationship extraordinary. 

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10 Breakthroughs To Extraordinary Love Masterclass and The Support of A Community of Visionary Couples

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You'll get a 10-module masterclass video series on the 10 Breakthroughs  to go from Ordinary to Extraordinary Love.  


Each section in the masterclass includes a series of Reflection Questions to help support awareness and integration of these breakthroughs.


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Invest in the single most important factor for creating the highest quality of life, happiness, and health....YOUR RELATIONSHIP!

Learn From A Couple Who Has Done>30,000 Sessions, Walks Their Talk, & is in a Passionate, Healthy, Partnership

We think you should be very picky about your teachers. Make sure that you really want to duplicate the actual results that your teachers have in the areas you’re learning about. During the course, you’ll get to see inside the nitty gritty of our love relationship as we get vulnerable and authentic with you. We are a real, healthy, happy, passionate couple who has been ecstatically married for 13 years and whose love story has become iconically depicted in Android Jone's Visionary Art Piece about love called Union.

Rise above the Toxic Cycles & Transform tough conversation into intimate connection

Our philosophy is that you can't solve your problems from the same level of understanding that created them. We can grow and evolve in two directions: We can go back into our past, diving down into the muck to heal our past pain or we can rise up to become fully present now looking ahead to the future, instead of behind us, and heal by becoming someone who never has that pain. They are both valuable and valid paths that are necessary at different times. These breakthroughs will help you lean in to those challenges and create a more conscious vision of yourself, your partner and your relationship

These breakthroughs aren't just about 'transactional love' but are about evolutionary love 

Learn breakthroughs that can take you from a relationship that is focused on getting needs met and an commonplace experience of compromise and resentment where your love is more transactional....to a relationship where your needs are met and you are more focused on how you can be role models and contributors to others through your love story.