New Year's Eve 2016: Re-Imagining Community

New Year's Eve 2016: Re-Imagining Community

Its that time of year … A time to reflect, a time to envision our future, and a time to celebrate! 

It’s a time of rebirth as we make a collective shift from a focus INWARD on the personal to a focus OUTWARD on the people, community, and world around us.  There’s enormous untapped potential in the brilliance, the caring, the vision, the creativity, the softness, the sexiness, and the playfulness that we bring to each other.  This year we want to tap into that potential.  This isn’t just a party. It’s a birth.

Together we emerge as one organism. What will this organism feel like? What will it look like? How will it interact with the greater world? You are the mothers and fathers of this organism, and you are the organism itself.

This NYE we ask ourselves, “How can we be our best selves, demand the best from those we love the most, and use the vibrant resource of our interconnectedness to be a role model for the future of human culture?”

Come design our collective future this year! 


STEP 1: Sign-Up To Contribute

It's just like Burning Man! There are no spectators and your contributions are part of what makes this event so great! To reserve your spot the first thing you need to do is signup for your contribution.

Please sign up for between 1-2 things on the signup list below.  

    Being A Leader

    To help us organize, plan, and coordinate pre-party to make the event flow beautifully.

    Being A Helper

    To help us in one of the critical roles to do things like getting setup and decorated pre-party, to greet people and get them settled as they arrive and to cleanup and strike.

    Bringing Snacks

    Bringing snacks and yummy things for us to eat put out in the kitchen area both during the evening and at brunch/lunch the next day.

    Bringing Supplies

    Bringing some decor and supplies to make the space beautiful...things like squish, pillows, blankets, fabrics, and art

    Current Sign-up Sheets

    No sheets available at this time.


    STEP 2: Send In Your Contribution

    To cover our costs for things like caterers, food, cleanings, decor, lighting, sound, performers, supplies, etc we'll need a financial donation. To officially reserve your spot, make sure to send $80.00 via paypal to and select 'Friends and Family' to avoid charging us fees. Your contribution will help make this party great! Huge thanks and gratitude for your contributions.

    IMPORTANT: Your spot will NOT be reserved until you send this in so make sure to do it right away or we'll have to give your spot to one of the many hopefuls on our waiting list.  San Pedro has limited space so we have to keep the guest list tight so everyone has room to stay!


    Who's making all this magic happen anyway? Glad you asked! Big appreciation goes out to our incredible event organizers who help create events that our community will remember forever.  If you've got questions or need to reach out about things like invites, contributions, doing a performance, bringing art, leading a workshop or other offering check out the names and emails below and reach out to the appropriate person via email to let us know.

    Jennifer, Organizer, Guest List, Communication | Budget


    Kim, House Liason |  Lead House Prep | Hostess


    Bryan, Flow Design | Opening Circle | Workshop Lead | DJ NIMITAE

    Stacey, MC Performances | House Liason

    Melani, Van Spots | Camping