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Congratulations on becoming our partner to help evolve how people love and relate to one another.  The frameworks, exercises, and experiences we've designed will help rewrite your relationship DNA and rewrite your most persistent patterns so you can enter into evolutionary relationships.   We've worked with both singles and couples over the years to raise the level of conversations they are in to help them rise above the 'muck' and actually evolve themselves s rather than devolving, disconnecting, and dissolving their relationships.

We'll be enrolling participants into our our various online programs, 1 and 2 day live workshops, and intensive 4-day retreats throughout the year.  You'll have an opportunity to receive special affiliate links to each of these events in your inbox which you can send those people in your network who would benefit from up-leveling this key area of their lives with real people who live a passionate evolutionary partnership.

Participants will be investing in up-leveling our culture as we evolving the way we love we evolve how we interact with each other in every context from our relationships all the way up through our government, our economic systems, and our fellow citizens of planet earth.  Far more than just having people feel better about their relationships, these courses are designed to heal the divide between the sexes such that we can live in a world without war.

Bryan Franklin & Jennifer Russell

"I feel like I've been waiting for this information all my life. My lens of what a relationship can be has widened and expanded. I now have a definition and knowing of what an extraordinary/ evolutionary relationship looks like/feels like and I know the way I do relationship and the way I work with my clients is forever changed."

-Maya Diamond, MFT Therapist MA


Join Us In Evolving How We Love


We've likely already begun our conversations with you about how we will be partnering to promote the Evolving Love Events.  Check for a message in your inbox which outlines the details of this affiliate program. The information below outlines some general information for what happens next after you've signed up as our affiliate:

  • If you can consistently get over 100+ people on a webinar, contact us at and we will arrange to do a special webinar interview with your list.
  • If you generally have smaller attendance to your online teleseminars and webinars then we will be in touch with a more appropriate opportunity to partner. You might want to invite people to one of our events and sales pages directly through a social media or email campaign using the tracking links we'll be sending you. Let us know if you need any support.
  • We'll send you details about how to prepare for a webinar with us, swipe copy, any relevant promotional links to your inbox.
  • During our webinars we will either be inviting people to signup for one of our events or will invite the qualified listeners to a free Evolving Love Session with one of us where we'll help them with their most persistent relationship challenge and have an enrollment conversation for one of our events
  • Our Affiliate Program allows us to track any leads that come to us from your list. We will payout these commissions approximately 30 days after receiving their payment.

We have a Partner Center for you that contains all your unique affiliate links to the various programs and events we have going on that you can help us promote.  The Partner center will also be the place where you can track your commissions and earnings.  Click the button below to check that out.

"My partner and I got a series of tools to not only resolve our perpetual fights and conflicts, but also upgrade the very fabric of our relationship to become an exquisite crucible that allows us to transmute our problems into remarkable growth opportunities. I honestly cannot even imagine trying do "love" or "relationships" without these tools. Do yourself a service and do whatever it takes to learn this."

-Kevin Kurgansky, The Breakup Doctor

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