Evolving Love 3-Day Retreat

Rewrite your Relationship DNA & Live Your Ideal Love Story

3-Day Evolving Love Retreat



1) Can I bring my ex partner to this retreat and get the couples discount? What if we are still really close friends?

The couples discount is meant for your current romantic partner only. You are not eligible for this discount if you are bringing your ex-partner, a friend, or planning to share it with another retreat participant.

2) Is there anything I should do to prepare?

Once you register, you’ll receive a link to the Relationship DNA Profile which is a survey that we’d like everyone to fill out prior to the event. In it you’ll be asked some questions about your current relationship patterns and history around love, sex, and relating.  You’ll also see questions which will help inform the themes that are most alive in the group and creating our facilitated time together partially on that basis. Fill this in honestly and thoughtfully and have between 1-3 people that you are closest to give you feedback on these same questions so that you end up with a very accurate Relationship DNA Profile.

3) Do you offer any transportation to go to and from the retreat location from nearby airports?

There are 3 nearby airports you can fly into depending on what’s most convenient: The Carson City, NV (closest at 45 minutes) Airport The Reno NV Airport (1hr 15 min), The Sacramento (2hr 10 min), CA Airport. Others may be driving from the bay area which is approximately 3hrs 20 minutes away. Transportation to the retreat location is not included in your registration however we plan on helping pair people up for rideshares. Let us know the details of your travel arrangements and desire to find a rideshare via email and we’ll see if we can pair you up.

4) What are the accommodations like? Do I have to share a room?

It’s very unlikely if you are a couple that you will share a room and highly likely if you are a single that you will share. This retreat located in South Lake Tahoe, CA is a 14 bedroom mansion that sleeps 30 people. There are 9 bedrooms with a queen or king size bed intended for couples. There are 5 bedrooms with multiple beds in them intended for singles (2 rooms with 2 queens, 2 rooms with a queen and a single, and 1 room with a bunk red).   We will give early birds first choice on rooms so if you’d like your first pick, sign up now.

5) What should I bring with me?

The only thing you absolutely need to bring is yourself with your open heart and open mind heart, but the following might be useful:

  • Warm layers of clothing as the high altitude keeps it fairly cool (the average temperature in South Tahoe in May is between 35-40F LOWS and 55 -F HIGHS). The exterior decks are beautiful.
  • Good walking shoes if you'd like to take walks on the 7 acres of property surrounding the house.
  • A Notebook or Journal and something to write with
  • A Bathing Suit for the pool/hot tub/sauna
  • A travel thermos for the toasty beverage of your choice so you can sip it and keep it with you for the day

Any favorite love poetry or conscious love story movies which are examples of conscious love you might want to share. There’s a theater and we MIGHT do a movie night + love discussion afterwards.

6) What's the schedule like each day? I want to know if I'll get my beauty rest and if I'll have some open time to myself?

Here is a general schedule for the event -  which is subject to change at the discretion of the facilitators. The retreat takes place May 5th (Thursday) - May 8th (Sunday).  We will begin our morning session at 9:00AM and our afternoon session at 2:00PM after some deliciously prepared healthy gourmet meals.

                        THUR  3:00PM – 6:00PM PT Arrive & Get Settled
                        THUR 6:30PM – 8:00PM Welcome Dinner + Opening
                        FRI-SUN 8:00AM – 9:00AM Breakfast
                        FRI-SUN 9:00AM – 12:30PM Morning Sessions
                        FRI-SAT 12:30PM – 2:00PM Lunch
                        FRI-SAT 2:00PM – 5:30PM Afternoon Sessions
                        FRI-SAT 6:30PM – 8:00PM Dinner
                        SUN MAY 8th 1:00PM Pack & Depart

7) Is it okay if I have to miss part of the retreat?           

If you  are able to come to 80% of the retreat I’d say go ahead and come join us. For instance if you had to miss the Thursday welcome dinner but could be present all day Friday and Saturday and half day Sunday we can imagine you getting tremendous value from this retreat. If you instead could come Thursday night but had to leave a bit early on Sunday before our closing session, we still imagine you’d get tremendous value. Or if perhaps you have a call you have to attend to at one or more times during the 3-Day weekend, if you can be present at 80% of the sessions, come join us! If you have to miss more than that we likely wouldn’t advise registering.   

8) Do you plan on recording the event and giving us access to those recordings?

Due to the very personal nature of what might be shared, at this time we are not planning on recording the event. We are considering recording some of the more formal teaching sections for posterity which we may use to promote future events of this nature. We are not at this point providing formal recordings of the event to participants.

9) What exactly will you be covering at the retreat? What will I learn each day?  

During the retreat we are likely to cover some of the following topics:

  • Practice the 7 evolutionary conversations and practices that will raise the consciousness of your relationship
  • Dissolve codependent and insecure attachment patterns and learn the 3 steps to create a secure connection
  • How to detect your partner’s highest evolutionary path and how to guide them to it
  • Learn what to do when your partner triggers you and how to de-escalate without giving up your truth
  • Find the invisible symmetries that keep you thinking your relationship is “out of balance”
  • 3 things you can say to your partner that will instantly make them supportive
  • The monogamous and open relationship playbooks for how to keep your relationship sexy and drama free

We will also be fielding questions from the participants which will guide the topics covered.

10) How do I convince my partner to do this with me?

This is an important question. You’ll want your partner in your corner and perhaps even attending with you.   As partners in life, in love, and in business we totally respect that financial decisions are often made in partnership. What we recommend is for you to think about and express to your partner the difference you feel the Evolving Love Retreat will make in your lives? How it will improve your feelings about yourself? How it will improve your feelings about your partner? What new doors will open for you? And how all of that will contribute to a more fulfilling life which is after all, what we're all here for. Then sit back and just listen. If your partner would like to contact us to have an exploratory call they can schedule that call with us by click here Schedule an Appointment’

11) Do you offer any discounts for students, seniors, travel discounts, or low income? Is there a payment plan? Can I have a special payment plan? 

We do offer a discount for couples ($1000). If you like saving additional money, pay upfront as that’s the best deal. If cash low is more of an issue, we’ve also got a payment plan with 4 monthly installments. Given the high cost of running a retreat we do not offer any other discounts or payment plans other than what’s shown on our shopping cart page.

12) Is there a guarantee? What is your refund policy?

What we can guarantee is that you will be immersed in an incredible environment with a group of between 20 – 30 people earnestly invested in healing love in themselves and others facilitated with utmost care, discernment, and love in order to help you rewrite your ‘relationship DNA’ and begin to breakthrough some of the patterns that are holding you back from embodying your ideal love story. Of that we can be sure…of the rest, it's all really based on what you decide to bring and the lens you choose to experience this retreat through. We encourage you to take accountability for the quality of your experience and gleaning the maximum amount of value that is meaningful to you.

Given that this is a 3-day Retreat which is very expensive to run and involves a significant investment from us to create we are not offering refund post event. We currently have a 3-day cooling off period during which time you can request in writing to get 100% of your money back. There is also a cancellation period which ends on April 1st 2016, which is approximately 1 month prior to the retreat. If life circumstances prevent you from joining us you can receive a full refund, minus a $500 Deposit before April 1st 2016. After that date, we can not issue any refunds.

You can also read our full Participation Agreement which has this policy in it.

13) What if I can’t make it? How do I cancel?

There is a 3-day cooling off period during which time you can cancel and receive a 100% refund. There is also a cancellation period which ends on April 1st 2016, which is approximately 1 month prior to the retreat. If life circumstances prevent you from joining us you can receive a full refund, minus a $500 Deposit before April 1st 2016. After that date, we can not issue any refunds.

You can also read our full Participation Agreement which has this policy in it.

14) Can I transfer my spot to someone else?

Under extenuating circumstances we will consider transferring your participation to an addition individual or couple through written approval. Send this correspondence to us before the cancellation deadline of April 1st 2016 and we will consider it. After that deadline we are unlikely to issue transfers.

15) I can't afford it. What do I do?

It’s our belief that an investment in the quality of your relating with others has a bigger impact than almost any other area you could spent your attention on.

We get it. We’d like to offer you a new way of thinking that about this that will change they way you relate to yourself around money.

Instead of focusing on why you can't have what you want, start focusing on HOW you can and what the cost of not investing in this area will be a few months or years from now? Calculate how many hours of repeated patterns, headaches, hurts, and disappointments it would take to facilitate this kind of change…it would certainly be worth way more than that.

Notice how much more empowering that is then feeling like you are trapped or don't get to have what you desire. Focus on how you CAN.

16) I can't make this date but would really like to come, are you going to do another Evolving Love retreat? 

This retreat will be a unique experience.  We do not have another event scheduled at this time so we encourage you to try your best to make arrangements to be there at for these dates.

It is entirely possible we will begin to hold this type of retreat again. If there’s no way for you to make it but you’d like to attend one in the future, the more we know about people wanting it the more we’ll be inspired to schedule another one.   Email us at jenniferandbryan@california-leadership.com to let us know.

17) What makes this retreat different than other events on relationship?

This retreat is designed - down to every last detail - to raise your state to the highest level of consciousness possible and then build new neural pathways and heart connections that can act as scaffolding to help prop you up when you need it most in your daily love life. We will be learning and practicing real conversations and embodiment practices that Jennifer and Bryan have experimented with in their own relationship and in those they’ve helped create a lasting feeling of magic and partnership. It is not a “neck-up” barrage of theories, or simplistic “relationship games” that may feel good at the time but have very little lasting impact.

18) Is this retreat right for me if I am in a brand new relationship?

Absolutely. Budding new couples are very welcome and encouraged at this event.  We can’t think of a better way to start a relationship than to begin at the get go with the kinds of evolutionary conversations and practices we’ll be dialoguing together about during this retreat. Taking a close look at the relationship DNA that had your previous relationships end is step one in creating a new relationship that doesn’t repeat that pattern.

19) Is this retreat for couples only?

This retreat is intended for both couples and singles. It’s always the right time to address in yourself any patterns that might be playing themselves out in an unhealthy way in your relationship. This is true whether you happen to be single right now or in a committed partnership.

If you are single right now, come to this retreat to learn how to create a conscious relationship right from the start. Come ready to unearth the blindspots and core patterns that are likely in the way from you finding true love and partnership.

Learn how to heal insecure attachment whether you are an avoidant type who tends to run away or need space OR whether you are an anxious type that tends to cling and hold too tightly to love.

Learn how to re-parent your wounded child so that you show up to your next relationship conscious, whole and complete.  Heal and unlearn these patterns before entering into your next relationship so that you can show up as the epic lover you were naturally born to be.

Develop an evolutionary context for why you are in relationship to begin with that will inspire your future partner to want to take that journey alongside you.

20) I am in really dire straits with my partner and am already seeing a therapist, do you think this retreat is appropriate for me? 

The short answer is yes. If you are in a relationship that's having trouble, come to this retreat to rise above conflict and the patterns that create it and get step-by-step instructions on how to de-escalate and re-ignite your relationship into the love story it was meant to be.

Maybe you sometimes feel frustrated, insecure, unseen/unheard, smothered, under-nourished, or not completely loved the way that you want. Maybe you’ve even decided these feelings are a “normal” part of relationships.

Come to this retreat to rewrite your relationship DNA and break free from some of these patterns and with your partner you can find the hidden symmetries that keep you thinking your relationship is out of balance.

Discover how you might be unintentionally leak safety and trust out of your relationship.

Learn to use conflict as an opportunity to connect and grow as you learn how to dismantle your projects and safely heal old hurts.

There are some notable exceptions in cases of severe psychological or mental challenges, a history of physical or chemical abuse, and severe trauma which we would encourage and recommend getting 1:on:1 support for from a trained professional.

21) Will there be time at the retreat to get 1:on:1 help from Bryan and Jennifer on my specific love issues?

During the facilitated sessions of the retreat Bryan and Jennifer will be working directly with everyone in the room. At various times they’ll be using what’s happening what’s happening in real time in specific individuals lives to make the material real and alive for you.

Given a full retreat schedule and the limitation of having only 3 days together along with 20-30 other people, there will not be any ‘formal’ private sessions offered. However, there will also very likely be impromptu conversations happening in and between sessions with opportunities to bring more of your personal challenges to the room.

If this is of special interest for you, you may upgrade to the VIP package which includes a private 1:1 session with Bryan and Jennifer either before or after the retreat, but during the retreat there will be no ‘formal’ private sessions. (see below for more info)

22) I think I'd like to find out about getting 1:on:1 help from you, can you tell me more about that? How do I know if I'd be better served with 1:on:1 vs the retreat?

If you are asking the question it could be a good idea to explore getting additional 1:on:1 support. We’ve created an Align Your Love Life Session, which is a private 90 minute session with Bryan Franklin and Jennifer Russell that you can signup for prior to your participation in the retreat for an additional fee. During this session you will begin the process of understanding your current Relationship DNA and rewriting some of the unconscious patterns that could be unwittingly running the show in your relationship.

We recommend combining these. After participating in the session and retreat you can explore with Bryan and Jennifer whether you’d like to continue to work with them 1:on:1.

The retreat is only 3-days long, and in that time we can’t unwind and break through every relationship pattern that might be creating difficulties for you in your relating. Often getting some supportive on-going help to reinforce what you’ve learned and really have it live inside your relationship can make the difference.

It is an incredibly powerful experience to have 2 people dedicated and on your team in support of you evolving love in your life. We believe that investing in the way you relate has a bigger impact on your quality of life than almost anything else you could focus on.

23) I'm already in a really loving relationship and think of myself as the kind of person people come to for relationship advice, do you think this retreat is appropriate for me? 

If you are a couple in bliss, you are already committed to having the best relationship possible. Come to this retreat to practice the 7 conversations and practices that will raise the consciousness of your relationship and help it stay that way.

We’ll teach you the 10 distinctions that turn relationships from ordinary to extraordinary, and guide you as you co-create the evolutionary context to your relationship, up-leveling the way you relate and diffusing most conflict before it starts.

Enjoy deep experiential exercises with our lover's guide to monogamy and/or open relationships to keep your relationships hot, sexy, and nearly drama free.

Come dialogue with us about your deepest questions surrounding love, sex, and intimacy and take on a deep consideration for your relationship that will take you into the next level of your development.

24) Is this retreat mostly for monogamous couples? Or open couples? 

This retreat is appropriate for any particular orientation or structure as we will be exploring concepts that are universal to being human and wanting to give and receive love.

In fact, we currently have time scheduled in the retreat to discuss the evolutionary playbooks on monogamy and open relating which promises to be a stirring dialogue regardless of which style of relationship you prefer.

25) Will there be any open sensuality or sexuality at this retreat?

This retreat is not specifically a ‘sex’ or ‘sensuality’ retreat and the container is not specifically designed on this particular event to physically explore sensuality and sexuality with your partner or other participants at the retreat.

AND…given the desire and inclination of this particular group, we are very likely to cover these topics as we have extensively explored, researched, and taught things like erotic dominance, power play, archetypal role play, OMing, and sacred theater.

26) What kind of credentials do you have in teaching love and relationship? Are you a certified therapist? psychologist? psychiatrist?

We are not certified therapists, psychologists, or psychiatrists. We are lovers first and foremost with a relationship that was built brick by brick as we discovered conversations, practices, models, and structures of relating first hand and through research with other experts and other couples whom we respect followed by working over the last 7 years both formally and informally with a variety of individuals and couples as coaches, mentors, and guides.

In addition we’ve been guest speakers on this topic at dozens of events, interviews, podcasts, telesummits, and courses. You can check out a few of those here.

Our biggest credential, and in our minds the only credential of any meaning is the exquisite truth and beauty of our own relationship and the inspiration it’s served in so many people’s lives who’ve known us best.

While we are not implying that we are done with growth in the area of love, sex, and relating, we are saying that we’ve discovered some incredibly useful distinctions and understandings along the way that we are devoted to giving to the people who we know and love as it is our belief that there is no greater work than healing love on this planet.

27) Can you just send me the recordings of the event? 

We are not currently planning on recording the event in it’s entirety at this time. It is possible that we may elect to record some portions of the event but given the very unique and personal nature of what we cover this event is intended to be an experiential and highly interactive experience.

If we decide to offer an online or digital product or write a book on evolving love we will definitely let you know about it as we’ll be excited to share that with you and with the world at large.

28) What if I grew up in a commune? What if I’m from Nebraska? What if my hair used to be brown but I died it blonde?

We call this “Special Snowflake Syndrome,” where we believe something in our lives is so unique, nothing will ever help. At some point, you’re looking for an excuse not to join. Our desire is to show you that it’s not true, that it's just an excuse that is likely to be holding you back from some of the things you really want most in your life.

The mindset we recommend for anything that you are looking to learn is one of open curiosity and of actively finding the value and wisdom that's there.  This can be the difference between thinking you have all the answers and then likely staying in the same place weeks, months or even years from now OR fully taking this opportunity to get every inch of value and having it change your trajectory and life forever.  The difference between these two experiences is always up to you! We've noticed life's a lot more rich, evolutionary, and fun with the later than the former.

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