Learn The 4 Most Common Toxic Cycles & How to Resolve Those Conflicts


After studying thousands of relationship fights, we discovered that, at the deepest level, there are really only four conflicts in love relationships. We call these conflicts Toxic Cycles because when each partner’s behavior is caught up in one of these cycles, they tend to polarize their partner into a predictable and directly oppositional position, unwittingly inviting their partner to continue the cycle rather than resolve it.

In our courses and sessions, we’ve seen these patterns play out again and again, and we’ve learned to recognize and understand how each person in the partnership plays a role in continuing and repeating the cycle. We discovered that the underlying motivation driving each partner’s behavior in the toxic cycle also contains the key to permanently resolving the conflict.

Rather than the pattern being a result of a character flaw or incompatibility, we found that each partner caught in the cycle was standing for an important value, an Evolving Love Virtue, that is actually necessary for an extraordinary love relationship to flourish. Enter you name and contact details so we can send you this resource.


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