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Creating A Powerful Relationship Vision - LIVE ONLINE COURSE

JULY 10th 2021 - AUGUST 3rd 2021

In this 4-week Online course taught by Jennifer & Bryan you'll learn a unique step-by-step process to create a powerful relationship vision which is a key foundation for an Extraordinary love relationship.  In addition you'll receive 4 bonus relationship skill courses that will help you to raise your Relational Quotient (RQ) and 3 live coaching and integration calls.

Spend a romantic weekend with your beloved learning how to create a Relationship Vision working LIVE with Jennifer and Bryan Plus a 'Love Pod' of other evolutionary lovers via zoom. You'll also get 3x Video Calls with Jennifer & Bryan where you'll have an opportunity to learn more relational skills, get individual support creating your relationship vision, and time for Q&A

“I’ve spent multi-hour sessions with them and it was very unifying. They have this uncanny ability to really allow you to see your partner’s perspectives and have your partner see yours. I saw a whole new way of doing love—got a whole new set of distinctions, new ideas, and new ways of seeing things. These are a couple of the best in the world.”

-Eben Pagan, Marketing & Dating Expert

10 Breakthroughs from Ordinary To Extraordinary Love - SELF PACED ONLINE COURSE


In this 10-Day self paced Online course taught by Jennifer & Bryan you'll learn the source code for how healthy, powerful, and passionate relationships work. Get a new, broader context for love, sex, intimacy as you work with Jennifer Russell and Bryan Franklin on your specific relationship patterns.  In this course, you’ll get 10 key relationship breakthroughs that will help you uncover commonplace myths and help you to improve your relational skills.   Participate in the 10-Day Challenge to permanently upgrade your relationship.

"My partner and I got a series of tools to not only resolve our perpetual fights and conflicts, but also upgrade the very fabric of our relationship to become an exquisite crucible that allows us to transmute our problems into remarkable growth opportunities. I honestly cannot even imagine trying do "love" or "relationships" without these tools. Do yourself a service and do whatever it takes to learn this."

-Kevin Kurgansky, The Breakup Doctor

1:on:1 Coaching

Power Couples In Partnership Package

When you life, work, and love together that kind of partnership can either be extraordinary OR extraordinarily difficult.   In these sessions we'll address these unique challenges PLUS we'll give our best upgrades to improve your relational skills as you learn the conversations that will help you live, learn, work, and play together.

Stop Fighting Now Package

If you are having the same fight again and again, you might need some extra help to get to the bottom of it.  Learn the language of resolution as Jennifer and Bryan support and compassionately facilitate you through the 'Perfect Vision' Conflict Resolution Process - a series of 4 conversations designed to create truth and harmony between you.

Align Your Love Life Package

We often get asked, “Am I giving up too early if I leave or am I giving up on myself if I stay?“. We’ll work with you to uncover the answer helping to work with all parts of you towards getting aligned.  You'll  learn our unique 'Compatibility test' and will get support with your clarity.   We'll help support you each in finding both your sovereignty and freedom and your safety and devotion.

"I feel like I've been waiting for this information all my life. My lens of what a relationship can be has widened and expanded. I now have a definition and knowing of what an extraordinary/ evolutionary relationship looks like/feels like and I know the way I do relationship and the way I work with my clients is forever changed."

-Maya Diamond, MFT Therapist MA

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