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How To Handle Insecure Attachment

Bryan Franklin and Jennifer Russell explore Attachment Theory and How to Handle Insecure Anxious and Avoidant Patterning.   We explore the very practical steps you can take to heal yourself and your partner from insecure attachment and create secure attachment and show you how to "reset" your alarm bells to the right place and retrain your body to react to what's actually happening instead of what your attachment style is telling you is happening

How To Know If You Are Ready For 'The One'

Bryan Franklin and Jennifer Russell explore the 3 things you need to prepare for your future romantic partner & the 3 things you must do once you find them.  Discover what is this mysterious 'work' that allows True Love to flourish.  Learn what you can practice if you're single and what you can practice in relationship, to create an epic love affair that will actually last.

How To Handle Being Triggered

Bryan Franklin and Jennifer Russell share the most powerful methods for unwinding emotional triggers.  If you knew how to handle being triggered in a healthy way, your relationship could get stronger and more fulfilling each time you get triggered.  We share a step-by-step process of dismantling your trigger in the moment.  The two "types" of healthy trigger responses, and why you likely only track one of them and totally discount the other and  the 3 "Must Do's" of healthy conflict.

Rule Breaking Evolutionary Love Relationships (burningman'15)

Bryan Franklin and Jennifer Russell give a talk at Camp Mystic at Burning Man 2015 where they explore three common myths around how most people think about relationship and then share their rule breaking evolutionary frameworks instead.  Enjoy this stirring talk on how to go from ordinary love to extraordinary love to transcend things like complaint, defensiveness, and conflict.

Intimacy Intensive 2014 special guests Bryan & Jennifer

Bryan Franklin and Jennifer Russell give a talk at the Intimacy Intensive in Las Vegas 2014 hosted by Eben Pagan and Annie Lalla.  In this talk we teach you how to setup your relationship to be the source of your greatest freedom instead of an impediment to it.  Learn how to unearth the automatic narratives that are running the show in your relating and a process to create a whole new context for your relationship.

5 Personality Patterns Interview with Steven Kessler

Bryan Franklin interviews Steven Kessler, the author of The Five Personality Patterns on the difference between being present versus being patterned.  In this interview you'll learn about the 5 different patterns and how the ways in which they distort feeling, thinking and perception. You'll also learn ways in which you can identify your own distress patterns and learn how to take steps to get ourselves out of pattern and come back to being present.


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