Workshop Begins July 29th in San Diego, CA

An invitation to singles who are ready to break through their patterns and evolve the way they love.

Want Profound Levels of Love,
Intimacy and Growth?

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Evolving Love Workshop for Singles

Master the Core Evolutionary Love Principles

July 29th - 2016 San Diego, CA

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The Single Biggest Impact On The Quality Of Your Life

Having an evolutionary relationship doesn't happen by accident.  It's something you consciously create with your knowledge, your beliefs & your emotional availability. Whether you're single or in a relationship, everything you do is either pulling intimacy towards you, or pushing it away.

Commonplace, ordinary views lead to having commonplace, ordinary relationships. When you are out of alignment in your love life, you are likely holding beliefs that seem like they make sense on the surface, but actually strangle the magic out of what could otherwise be epic and lasting love affairs.

Most of what we know about how to be a good (or terrible) boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife comes from TV and Movies. And most TV and Movie marriages are incredibly dysfunctional. (Probably because most movie writers, directors, and actors also have incredibly dysfunctional relationships.) They are either total fantasy with no basis in reality at all, or they are downright abusive.

With no real education on how to do it, it's no wonder so many smart, emotionally aware, and spiritually minded people secretly have a really difficult time in love. Part of the problem is we've been taught through the media that some really bad behavior is actually normal.  You may think you can fix your relationship on your own, but that rarely works...most of what's creating the problem is squarely in your blindspot.

Spend 2 days of guided practice to help you integrate a new way of loving yourself and your partner forever.

Take this course if you want to feel, more positive, more optimistic, and more clear about how to call in the right evolutionary partner for you, and how to know with absolute certainty once you've met them. Permanently resolve the recurring patterns you've experienced in nearly every past relationship and unlock the door to a whole new level of happiness, support, and transformation.

Bryan and Jennifer

Co-Founders Evolving Love, Love & Relationship Experts

Julia Allison,

Media & Press Consultant

Bryan and Jennifer are two of the most revolutionary teachers of evolved partnership. After the honeymoon period, deep relationship can be an exhausting and sometimes frustrating experience. Bryan and Jennifer have successfully navigated this for themselves, and subsequently reverse engineered how others can not only navigate the rough currents of partnership - but succeed beyond their wildest expectations.

Observing how they relate to each other permanently changed what I thought could be possible in a romantic partnership, and in the years since I first met them and attended their ground breaking wedding, their advice, teachings and one-on-one coaching sessions have massively changed the way in which I partner with my significant other, dramatically upping the health and happiness of my relationship.

If you're interested in taking your relating not just to the next level, but several levels above that, they're the ones I would learn from - for the most cutting edge material, useful exercises, and intelligent thought leadership on the subject of love and partnership.

Most people would kill to be in a relationship like Bryan & Jennifer - they are literally the poster couple for Evolved Love (see Android Jones' Union). Learn from them, listen to them, spend time with them, and you'll notice your entire frame of "what is possible within love" expanding into territory you never dreamed possible.


Therapy Can't Solve All Relationship Problems

Therapy tends to focus on what's wrong, and calls more and more attention to why you are stuck in the unhealthy patterns that take over your relationships and ruin the magic. It usually begins and ends with understanding yourself - which is interesting, and even entertaining.

Without the source code for how healthy and powerful relationships work, you might end up getting stuck circling the same patterns and finding out more and more about why you do them, but without the boost you need to evolve beyond them and create new healthy and inspiring ways of relating!

You need to be aware of the hidden forces at work.

Most repetitive conflicts fail to get resolved in relationships because neither person understands the hidden causes of the conflict. They reside in your 'blind spots.' There are many layers of conflict active simultaneously in every interaction, if you are only looking at one of those layers, you will not be able to see and solve the real problem.

You need to do the exercises, conversations, and practices that are proven to work.

To transform your relationship DNA and evolve the way you love, you need to know exactly how to handle some of the most challenging conversations and experiences that come up for almost all couples. Not just theories or concepts, but step-by-step practices that will guarantee (if you do them) that you aren't just endlessly circling the same issues but are raising the quality of conversations and relating you are engaging in which leads you in an upward spiral.

You need expert role models

You need a masculine and a feminine role model that actually has the kind of love relationship that you want to emulate. Someone you can ask questions of and get honest reflections to help you see your blind spots and make changes.


Anyone Who Wants Their Next Relationship To Be Extraordinary


As someone who is single right now, come to this event to learn how to create a conscious relationship right from the start...

Come ready to unearth the blindspots and core patterns that are likely in the way from you finding true love and partnership.

Learn how to heal insecure attachment whether you are an avoidant type who tends to run away or need space OR whether you are an anxious type that tends to cling and hold too tightly to love.

Learn how to re-parent your wounded child so that you show up to your next relationship conscious, whole and complete.  Heal and unlearn these patterns before entering into your next relationship so that you can show up as the epic lover you were naturally born to be.

Develop an evolutionary context for why you are in relationship to begin with that will inspire your future partner to want to take that journey alongside you.

Zaven Boni,
Technical Lead at GoPro

A direct transmission of beauty and truth," and it captures perfectly my experience of the weekend. Jennifer and Bryan, thank you for embodying these principles and sharing what's you've found with us. It's deeply inspirational.  

It's been a long time since I've felt so clear and open.  I was able to relax in the moment and let love pass through through me rather than getting stuck.  This work ripples out in all directions.

Evolving Love Workshop for Singles

Master the Core Evolutionary Love Principles

July 29th - 2016 San Diego, CA


Step-by-step support to break free of relationship patterns & reignite your relationship 


Bryan Franklin & Jennifer Russell Teaching Evolving Love Retreat

In this workshop you will learn:

  • Practice the 3 evolutionary conversations that will raise the consciousness of your sexual and romantic relationships
  • Learn what to do when you get triggered and how to de-escalate without giving up your truth
  • Design your ideal love story and practice embodying it even before you meet your future partner
  • Resolve once and for all your most painful recurring patterns 
  • How to make sure your past conflicts don't come back to haunt your next relationship
  • Why being good at "conflict resolution" - the way its normally taught - can actually hurt your relationships
  • Discover your purpose for romantic and sexual relationships and use it to attract the right partner for you
  • Transcend the normal cycle of complaining and defensiveness for both you and your partner


Get 1 Full Day LIVE + Weekly Access to Relationship Experts Bryan Franklin & Jennifer Russell



Watch, listen and learn as Bryan Franklin & Jennifer Russell work with you in real time to rewrite your relationship DNA and embody your ideal love story.  Come prepared to transcend your most persistent patterns so you leave with an entirely new outlook on love.


Learn and practice the conversations, frameworks, and step-by-step practices that will evolve the way you love, the way you relate, and the way you communicate.  A downloadable workbook and email sequence accompanies the course with  practical daily, weekly, monthly rituals and exercises designed to help you fully embody and integrate this material so you can bring it into all your relationships.


Once a week Bryan and Jennifer will be available for weekly office hours on our Evolving Love Facebook Group to give you more one:on:one support.  You’ll belong to a community of like-minded seekers who you can not only learn from but also share your experiences with.


This Workshop Will Be A Turning Point In Your Ability To Create Evolutionary Relationships


It's Not Just About Feeling Understood

Too many relationship workshops begin and end with teaching you models for how to understand yourself and patterns of speech that help you feel understood. While this can be a pleasant experience, it’s usually not enough to bridge the emotional gap between people who are experiencing a block to love. At the evolving love workshop, you’ll start seeing yourself & the way you relate in an entirely new light. Your old desire to “be understood” falls away to reveal new connections to love that were previously blocked, hidden, or non-existent.

Rise Above “The Muck” vs Diving Down To Solve It

When you are associated into the role of victim or perpetrator, playing out the timeless drama of who hurt whom, no solutions exist. It can be seductive to focus on the sources of your “problems” and “figure out” why things feel so bad. Instead, we give you lifelines to self-regulate, call upon your own limitless emotional and energetic resources and rise above the stories that are upsetting you and blocking your path to love. From a higher state of consciousness, a natural partnership forms between you and those you love and even the most troubling challenges can feel easy to navigate.

Learn From Real People Who Have A Passionate, Evolutionary Partnership

We think you should be very picky about your teachers. Make sure that you really want to duplicate the results that your teachers have in the areas you’re learning about. During the workshop, you’ll get to see inside our love relationship: You’ll witness how we handle conflict, sex, attraction, purpose, children, money, commitment, and all the conversations that can be tricky for most relationships. You are not just learning about concepts, you are soaking in the experience and day-to-day practice of real life love evolutionaries.

 Amazing Results In 7 Weeks Following The Evolving Love Guide

The 2-day workshop is just the beginning. This program includes daily, weekly, monthly (and even yearly) practices for creating and maintaining an epic evolutionary partnership. These practices are designed to completely transform any relationship in just 7 weeks, but we include a full year of practices delivered right to your email inbox and round-the-clock support in the Evolving Love Facebook group.

We’ve Done The Work For You

We’ve synthesized and extensively tested (in our own relationship and in our guidance for many many others) all of the best tools and frameworks for romantic relating, both innovative and ancient. From NLP, attachment theory, undefended love, authentic relating, sacred theater, and our own breakthrough ideas to the seminal works of Bert Hellinger, Harville Hendrix, Gay and Sally Hendricks, Dr. John Gray, Dr David Schnarch, Steven Kessler, and Dr. John Gottman. We only bring you the best of the best.

- Maya Diamond,

 Therapist & Relationship Expert, MA

"I feel like I've been waiting for this information all my life. My lens of what a relationship can be has widened and expanded. I now have a definition and knowing of what an extraordinary/evolutionary relationship looks like/feels like and I know the way I do relationship and the way I work with my clients is forever changed."

Evolving Love Workshop for Singles

Master the Core Evolutionary Love Principles

July 29th - 2016 San Diego, CA


Do any of these statements sound like you?


Together Jennifer and Bryan have led 20 years of impactful transformational programs and events designed to liberate people from self-imposed limiting beliefs and unlock their evolutionary potential. They incorporate the best of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), the human potential movement, family systems, attachment theory, collaborative systems, neuroscience, spiritual practices, tribal circling technologies, and sacred theater.

In the business domain they've founded over a dozen businesses and have helped 7 companies scale to the billion dollar mark and thousands of entrepreneurs create successful businesses with a unique combination of business strategy and deeply transformative identity level work.

They are the co-founders of 'Evolving Love (, where they facilitate a series of retreats, workshops, and courses designed to rewrite your relational DNA so that you can  embody your ideal love story

They work with singles and couples to develop extraordinary relationships that point the way to significant personal evolution and the skills to develop a higher relational quotient (RQ).   They are a stand for relationships that have a 'both / and' rather than an 'either / or' relationship to Freedom and Devotion and realize the true potential that healing the divide between the masculine and feminine has on creating a healed, healthy, and whole culture.

They have developed powerful models that can help build the 3 pillars of any great relationship which are how to set the direction of your relationship, how to handle the valleys, and how to set the stage to experience the peaks.

Annie Lalla,

Love & Relationship Coach

Bryan and Jennifer embody a unique face of love. It’s an extraordinary love to be surrounded by. They are my teachers and an inspiration to parts of me that I didn’t know could come alive. These are two of the most brilliant human beings I’ve ever known individually and in relationship and they have inspired me to love better.

Evolving Love Workshop for Singles

Master the Core Evolutionary Love Principles

July 29th - 2016 San Diego, CA


Mastering The Art Of Love


Prepare For An Evolutionary Partnership

Evolving the way we love has far reaching consequences. As we learn how to better resolve the war going on inside us--that has us acting primarily out of wounding, contraction, disintegration, and fear--we also learn how to stop replicating that war in our relationships, interactions, economic and political structures, and ultimately the culture of humanity.

  • Learn how an evolutionary love partnership differs from a conventional love relationship
  • Practice what it takes to participate in an evolutionary love relationship
  • How to use conflict, romance, and sex to evolve your consciousness
  • How to be conscious and loving in relationships that you know are not destined for evolutionary partnership
  • Learn how you've "forced" your past partners to play unhealthy / co-dependent roles that didn't serve either one of you
  • Learn how to get the nourishment you need in your relationships so there is no need to continue those unhealthy patterns

Learn To Know Without A Doubt: Could They Be The One?

In this course you will learn to cut through all the confusion, opinion, ego, and doubt. Don't leave just because it's hard. Don't stay just because you love each other. Get down to the core and identify a guidance system that is never wrong about whether or not you should invest more time and energy building an evolutionary partnership.

  • Locate your internal guidance system that is never wrong about if you should stay in a relationship that's not quite working
  • Learn how to tell the difference between "new relationship energy" excitement and true compatibility
  • Learn if you should give him / her a second (or third) chance
  • Learn how to have a beautiful, evolutionary relationship even when you *know* it's not forever
  • Find out if someone you are dating is "evolutionary partnership" material

The 10 Foundational Beliefs of Evolved Lovers

There is a foundational set of beliefs that creates the fertile ground and a starting point where building healthy functional relationships starts. There are things you need to remember about sovereign beings. Ignoring any of these basic truths will cause lots of pain for you and for those around you, and in the end these truths will again be proven out. In this workshop we'll explore and help you integrate each of these 10 beliefs.

  • Create an atmosphere of accountability, secure attachment, and healthy interdependence that a future partner can step into
  • Complete a thorough self-investigation and inventory of the ways you unconsciously support and undermine intimacy and partnership
  • Learn the healthy and adult ways to orient towards projection, trigger, and control
  • Upgrade the unhealthy personal beliefs you might be carrying around and install a set of 10 evolutionary principals

Partnered Step-By-Step Practice to Rewrite Your Most Persistent Patterns

You cannot heal alone. One of the goals of Evolving Love we have is to help you to actually raise your conversations, practices, and thought frameworks to pop you dimensionally up and out of the conflict into a state of consciousness where you can see your true nature and the true nature of your conflicts, where they become meaningless or disappear. In this workshop you will have the opportunity to rewrite one of your most persistent patterns leaving with an entirely new outlook and way of being.

  • Learn the most thorough, inspiring, and high vibration conflict resolution process available for romantic relationships.
  • Practice transforming your complaints (both explicit and secret) into an inspiring future vision for your partner that you both can agree on and work toward together.
  • Rewrite your map of what is "love" and what is "unlove" to more accurately reflect reality.
  • Learn how to see the best in another person, even when you’d like them to change their behavior.
  • Settle once and for all “who’s stuff is whose”, untangling any places where your blind spots prevent you from understanding correctly what happened in past relationships.
  • Learn how to give feedback that other people can’t wait to hear and integrate - even in a romantic or sexual context.

Develop An Evolutionary Context For Your Sexual Relationships That Will Attract The Right Partner

In an extraordinary relationship, the polarity between two people is not maintained through a commitment to each other (from one pole to another) but through each person’s commitment to a third pole: A higher sense of purpose for the relationship and both people in it. This purpose exists in you now, and the more you live by it, the more powerfully you will attract your evolutionary partner.

  • Clarify your purpose, and the purpose of your relationships both sexual and non-sexual
  • Map your desires (met and unmet) and learn how your relationship to desires and shame can determine the path of your evolution
  • Create a new common language with your community that can settle your oldest, most difficult relationship challenges.
  • Make new promises to yourself for what changes you will make to live even more powerfully into your purpose for romantic and sexual relationships.

Kevin Kurgansky,

 Relationship Expert

"My partner and I got a series of tools to not only resolve our perpetual fights and conflicts, but also upgrade the very fabric of our relationship to become an exquisite crucible that allows us to transmute our problems into remarkable growth opportunities. I honestly cannot even imagine trying do "love" or "relationships" without these tools. Do yourself a service and do whatever it takes to learn this."




Absolutely. Budding new couples are very welcome and encouraged at this event.  We can’t think of a better way to start a relationship than to begin at the get go with the kinds of evolutionary conversations and practices we’ll be dialoguing together about during this workshop. Taking a close look at the relationship DNA that had your previous relationships end is step one in creating a new relationship that doesn’t repeat that pattern.

This workshop is intended for couples but could be very valuable for anyone not currently in a relationship that wants practice with how to handle some of the difficulties that come up when in a relationship.   It’s always the right time to address in yourself any patterns that might be playing themselves out in an unhealthy way in your relationship. This is true whether you happen to be single right now or in a committed partnership.

If you are single right now, come to this workshop to learn how to create a conscious relationship right from the start. Come ready to unearth the blindspots and core patterns that are likely in the way from you finding true love and partnership.

Learn how to heal insecure attachment whether you are an avoidant type who tends to run away or need space OR whether you are an anxious type that tends to cling and hold too tightly to love.

Develop an evolutionary context for why you are in relationship to begin with that will inspire your future partner to want to take that journey alongside you.

The short answer is yes. If you are in a relationship that’s having trouble, come to this workshop to rise above conflict and the patterns that create it and get step-by-step instructions on how to de-escalate and re-ignite your relationship into the love story it was meant to be.

Maybe you sometimes feel frustrated, insecure, unseen/unheard, smothered, under-nourished, or not completely loved the way that you want. Maybe you’ve even decided these feelings are a “normal” part of relationships.

Come to this workshop to rewrite your relationship DNA and break free from some of these patterns and with your partner you can find the hidden symmetries that keep you thinking your relationship is out of balance.

Discover how you might be unintentionally leaking safety and trust out of your relationship.

Learn to use conflict as an opportunity to connect and grow as you learn how to dismantle your projects and safely heal old hurts.

There are some notable exceptions in cases of abuse, psychological or mental challenges, a history of physical or chemical abuse, and severe trauma which we would encourage and recommend getting 1:on:1 support from a trained professional.

During the facilitated sessions of the workshop Bryan and Jennifer will be working directly with everyone in the room. At various times they’ll be using what’s happening in real time in specific individuals lives to make the material real and alive for you.


Given a full workshop schedule and the limitation of having only 3 days together and a group of other people, there will not be any ‘formal’ private sessions offered. However, there will also very likely be impromptu conversations happening in and between sessions with opportunities to bring more of your personal challenges to the room.


If this is of special interest for you, you may want to participate in the 3-Months of Group Calls starting after the workshop to help integrate what you experienced.   When you register you can add that option OR at the workshop you can indicate you’d like to join.   AND if 1:on:1 sessions are what would help you most we’d love to give you that extra support.

Once you register, you’ll receive a link to the Relationship DNA Love Profile which is a survey that we’d like everyone to fill out prior to the event. In it you’ll be asked some questions about your current relationship patterns and history around love, sex, and relating.  You’ll also see questions which will help inform the themes that are most alive in the group and creating our facilitated time together partially on that basis.

Fill this in honestly and thoughtfully and have between 1-3 people that you are closest to give you feedback on these same questions so that you end up with a very accurate Relationship DNA Profile. We use this to triangulate what those patterns are and how they are affecting the people closest to you so we can take a deeper look in the course.

The only thing you absolutely need to bring is yourself with your open heart and open mind heart, but the following might be useful:

  • A Notebook or Journal and something to write with
  • A water bottle or travel thermos  for the toasty beverage of your choice so you can sip it and keep it with you for the day

Here is a general schedule for the event.  The Evolving Love workshop takes place Friday – Sunday. We will begin our morning session at 9:00AM and our afternoon session at 2:00PM.  You will have approximately 90 minutes for lunch which you can take at a nearby restaurant. We will likely take 2-3 shorter 10 minute breaks throughout the day.


  • 8:30 AM – 9:00 AM  Registration (day 1 only)
  • 9:00 AM – 12:30 PM Morning Session
  • 12:30 – 2:00 PM Lunch (optional $25 lunch, or bring your own)
  • 2:00 – 6:00 PM Afternoon Session

If you are able to come to 70% of the event, coming late or leaving a bit early we’d encourage you to go ahead and come join us.  Ideally if you schedule that during our lunch break from 12:30 PM – 2:00 PM you will miss the least amount of the material.

If you have an obligation that can’t be rescheduled during the course of the event you can talk to our volunteers about finding a quiet room or can leave the site.  We will likely audio record the event and can make those recordings available.

We will be audio recording the event and editing out all personal details to protect the confidentiality of the people present.  Much of this event will be experiential and not present in the recording. If you register and pay for the event and can’t make it we can make these recordings available to you.  Let us know by writing to and we can likely give you access to these recordings.  In the future, when we decide to offer our online program and finish our book on evolving love we will definitely let you know about that as well.

This is an important question. You’ll want your partner in your corner and perhaps even attending with you.   As partners in life, in love, and in business we totally respect that financial decisions are often made in partnership. What we recommend is for you to think about and express to your partner the difference you feel this Evolving Love Workshop will make in your lives.

How will a small investment of your time and energy lead to a whole new outlook on your life and your interactions? How it will improve your feelings about yourself? How it will improve your feelings about your partner? What new doors will open for you? And how all of that will contribute to a more fulfilling life.  Then sit back and just listen. If your partner would like to contact us to have an exploratory call they can schedule that call with us by click here Schedule an Appointment’

Yes! We have two options depending on what’s better for your situation.  We are not currently offering any further discounts. We’ve priced it in order to make it accessible.

OPTION 1: You can save money by paying $495 in full right when you register


OPTION 2: You can choose to pay in 3-monthly installments of $195

Here’s what’s included:

  1. 3-Day Live Workshop with Bryan Franklin & Jennifer Russell
  2. Evolving Love Companion Manual
  3. Evolving Love Companion Manual
  4. The Evolving Love Profile
  5. Evolving Love Community Facebook Group
  6. BONUS PROGRAM: Daily, Weekly, Monthly Practices
  7. OPTIONAL: 3-Month Group Integration Calls (for an additional $199)

What we can guarantee is that you will be immersed in an incredible environment with a group of people earnestly invested in healing love in themselves and others facilitated with utmost care, discernment, and love in order to help you rewrite your ‘relationship DNA’ and begin to break through some of the patterns that are holding you back from embodying your ideal love story.

Of that we can be sure…of the rest, it’s all really based on what you decide to bring and the lens you choose to experience this event through. We encourage you to take accountability for the quality of your experience and gleaning the maximum amount of value that is meaningful to you.

We currently have a 3-day cooling off period from the date of purchase during which time you can request in writing to get 100% of your money back. There is also a cancellation period which ends approximately 1 week prior to the event.  If life circumstances prevent you from joining us you can receive a full refund, minus 5% in fees.  The event has very limited space so after that date, we can not issue any refunds as we will have reserved your spot and will not have time to fill it.

You can also read our full Participation Agreement which has this policy in it.

There is a 3-day cooling off period during which time you can cancel and receive a 100% refund. There is also a cancellation period which ends 10 days prior to the event. If life circumstances prevent you from joining us you can receive a full refund, minus 5% in fees.  After that date, we can not issue any refunds.

If you’d like to transfer your registration to someone else who can make it, please notify us via email to and include the full name and email address of the person you are transferring to and we can go ahead and switch over your registration.

You can also read our full Participation Agreement which has this policy in it.

We’ve specifically priced these workshops at a very affordable rate to allow for people of nearly any income to join us.

It’s our belief that an investment in the quality of your relating with others has a bigger impact than almost any other area you could spend your attention on.  We get it. We’d like to offer you a new way of thinking that about this that will change the way you relate to yourself around money.

Instead of focusing on why you can’t have what you want, start focusing on HOW you can and what the cost of not investing in this area will be a few months or years from now? Calculate how many hours of repeated patterns, headaches, hurts, and disappointments it would take to facilitate this kind of change…it would certainly be worth way more than that.  Notice how much more empowering that is then feeling like you are trapped or don’t get to have what you desire. Focus on how you CAN.

Next you can use a credit card to make the payment or can ask for the people in your life to help sponsor, loan, or gift you a ticket to come.

This event will be a unique experience.  We do not have another event scheduled in this city at this time so we encourage you to try your best to make arrangements to be there for these dates.


It is entirely possible we will begin to hold this type of event again but it is unlikely to be anytime in the near future in the city or location that we are holding this one. If there’s no way for you to make it but you’d like to attend one in the future, the more we know about people wanting it the more we’ll be inspired to schedule another one.   Email us at to let us know your name, email and the city you are from.

If you are asking the question it could be a good idea to explore getting additional 1:on:1 support. We’ve created an Align Your Love Life Session, which is a private 90 minute session with Bryan Franklin and Jennifer Russell that you can signup for prior to your participation in the event for an additional fee. During this session you will begin the process of understanding your current Relationship DNA and rewriting some of the unconscious patterns that could be unwittingly running the show in your relationship.

We recommend combining these. After participating in the session and event you can explore with Bryan and Jennifer whether you’d like to continue to work 1:on:1.

The event is short and in that time we can’t unwind and break through every relationship pattern that might be creating difficulties for you in your relating. Often getting some supportive on-going help to reinforce what you’ve learned and really have it live inside your relationship can mean the difference between going back to the status quo and permanently evolving your relationship.

It is an incredibly powerful experience to have someone dedicated and on your team in support of you evolving love in your life. We believe that investing in the way you relate has a bigger impact on your quality of life than almost anything else you could focus on.

If you are a couple in bliss, you are already committed to having the best relationship possible. Come to this event to practice the conversations and practices that will raise the consciousness of your relationship and help it stay that way.

We’ll teach you the distinctions that turn relationships from ordinary to extraordinary, and guide you as you co-create the evolutionary context to your relationship, up-leveling the way you relate and diffusing most conflict before it starts.

Enjoy deep experiential exercises to keep your relationships hot, sexy, and nearly drama free.

Come dialogue with us about your deepest questions surrounding love, sex, and intimacy and take on a deep consideration for your relationship that will take you into the next level of your development.

This event is appropriate for any particular orientation or relationship structure as we will be exploring concepts that are universal to being human and wanting to give and receive love.  We have a lot of experience coaching and counseling people in many configurations of relating and we have participated in many of these configurations ourselves and can bring real wisdom and direction to navigating these waters as any relationship style brings it’s own set of challenges.

We are not certified therapists, psychologists, or psychiatrists. We are lovers first and foremost with a relationship that was built brick by brick as we discovered conversations, practices, models, and structures of relating first hand and through research with other experts and other couples whom we respect followed by working over the last 7 years both formally and informally with a variety of individuals and couples as coaches, mentors, and guides.

In addition we’ve been guest speakers on this topic at dozens of events, interviews, podcasts, telesummits, and courses. You can check out a few of those on our website.

Our biggest credential, and in our minds the only credential of any meaning is the exquisite truth and beauty of our own relationship and the inspiration it’s served in so many people’s lives who’ve known us best.

While we are not implying that we are done with growth in the area of love, sex, and relating, we are saying that we’ve discovered some incredibly useful distinctions and understandings along the way that we are devoted to giving to the people who we know and love as it is our belief that there is no greater work than healing love on this planet.

We will be recording the event and editing out all personal details to protect the confidentiality of the people present.  Much of this event will be experiential and not present in the recording.


If you register for the event and can’t make it put still paid for the event.  Send an email to and we will send you access to these recordings as soon as they are available.  We’ve also developed an online Evolving Love course that contains some of the material covered in this program which we’ll let you know about as soon as it’s launched.

We call this “Special Snowflake Syndrome,” where we believe something in our lives is so unique, nothing will ever help. At some point, you’re looking for an excuse not to join. Our desire is to show you that it’s not true, that it’s just an excuse that is likely to be holding you back from some of the things you really want most in your life.

The mindset we recommend for anything that you are looking to learn is one of open curiosity and of actively finding the value and wisdom that’s there.  This can be the difference between thinking you have all the answers and then likely staying in the same place weeks, months or even years from now OR fully taking this opportunity to get every inch of value and having it change your trajectory and life forever.  The difference between these two experiences is always up to you! We’ve noticed life’s a lot more rich, evolutionary, and fun with the later than the former.

This event is appropriate for both people who are not in a relationship currently and for those who are in one.  We would love to have you with us as it’s always a good time to practice at the conversations, processes, and distinctions that help you navigate the specific challenges that arise in relationship.   Day 2 and 3 will have some exercises that are designed to be done with partners AND we will have plenty of singles in the room to pair you with.

DAY 1 – Personal Inner Work (Frameworks & Relational Skills)

DAY 2/DAY 3 – Interpersonal Work (Frameworks, Conversations, & Practices)


Enrollment in the Workshop is for one person only.  You can however register for multiple people, including registering for your partner by clicking the ‘Register Now’ button and on the shopping cart page increasing the quantity to 2 or more.

For ease and simplicity, we decided to enroll people individually as some people come to this workshop and are single or are in a relationship but their partner(s) are unable to make it.

If you do purchase more than 1 ticket for you and your partner please make sure to give us their name and email so we can send them the preparatory emails, access to the Love Profile, and access to our Bonus Program: Daily, Weekly, Monthly Practices.  Send that to and we will make sure they get all the details they need.


The space is limited and is best suited for a group of between 20-50 people.  If we have more than 50 people wanting to register we will start a waiting list and consider planning another date.  Let us know if you tried to register and it was sold out by emailing us at

Yes.  Spending 3 full days with us will be a very enlightening experience with a lot of value to glean regardess of your relationship status.  We will be covering things like how to prepare for partnership which is valuable at any time and how to know if the person you are dating is ‘the one’ for you and how to unwind some of the persistent patterns that get in the way of you finding relationship…amongst many other juicy topics.

Day 1 – Covers the personal inner work, relational skills, and frameworks you can do regardless of your status

Day 2/3 – Covers the INTERpersonal work, practices, skills, and frameworks you can do with your partner


Here are some of our favorite books on love and relationship that you might want to get a copy of to read before or after the course:


  • The 5 Personality Patterns: Your Guide to Understanding Yourself and Others and Developing Emotional Maturity by Steven Kessler: An incredible book that maps some of Wilhelm Reich’s observations about human development and core wounding patterns alongside the psychology of personality. During our deeper dive retreats we often give people copies of this book. It’s a gem!
  • Gene Keys: Unlocking the Higher Purpose Hidden in Your DNA by Richard Rudd: Probably my favorite spiritual / relational treatise book of all time. This book is a blueprint of humanity’s evolution through the 64 shadows that we express into the 64 gifts that those shadows become as we evolve and integrate onward into the 64 Siddhic states that represent our next evolutionary leap. It’s incredible and the kind of thing you want to digest slowly a few pages at a time
  • Love’s Hidden Symmetry: What Makes Love Work in Relationships by Burt Hellinger: Another book we’ve been deeply influenced by as Burt is considered the father of Family Systems and Family Constellations work. The title tells you that for every conflict that is seemingly ‘your pattern’s fault’ there is a hidden symmetry that is holding the dynamic in place. It’s incredibly dense and another book to be read slowly but it’s rich.

Integration, to us, is a key part of any experience that’s designed to re-write and transform you.  We’ve designed several aspects of this experience to help with your integration so that what you learned becomes real for you afterwards:

  1. The Evolving Love Book/Manual.   Much of what we talk about is detailed there and can be read afterwards to help integrate.  It’s a robust manual that is the beginnings of a book we will likely publish that corresponds also with what you’ll be learning.  All of the frameworks, conversations, and evolving love practices are outlined in detail in this manual for you to do once you get home.
  2. BONUS PROGRAM: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly Workbook + Email Sequence.  This workbook contains the practices we recommend that you do in your relationship to really take these concepts we experienced together and make them real.  You’ll all of these practices in writing where we break down the practices and conversations step by step PLUS a series of emails you will receive in your inbox weekly that will remind you to continue to do these practices at specific intervals.
  3. The Evolving Love Facebook Group.  You will be added to the Evolving Love Facebook group during our event which is a place where you can ask questions, share stories and insights and receive some guidance and feedback from Bryan Franklin and Jennifer Russell in the areas of love and relationship.
  4. OPTIONAL 3-Month Integration Calls: After the workshop we will be holding group integration calls once a month for 3 months so you can get laser guided coaching and talk through how the material is living on in your relationships.  When you register there is an opportunity to add on this option and you’ll have another opportunity at the workshop to sign0up if you’d like to participate in these calls.

This event is appropriate for both people who are not in a relationship currently and for those who are in one.  We would love to have you with us as it’s always a good time to practice at the conversations, processes, and distinctions that help you navigate the specific challenges that arise in relationship.   Day 2 and 3 will have some exercises that are designed to be done with partners AND we will have plenty of singles in the room to pair you with.

DAY 1 – Personal Inner Work (Frameworks & Relational Skills)

DAY 2/DAY 3 – Interpersonal Work (Frameworks, Conversations, & Practices)


Evolving Love Workshop for Singles

Master the Core Evolutionary Love Principles

July 29th - 2016 San Diego, CA

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