I can’t afford it. What do I do?

We’ve specifically priced these workshops at a very affordable rate to allow for people of nearly any income to join us.

It’s our belief that an investment in the quality of your relating with others has a bigger impact than almost any other area you could spend your attention on.  We get it. We’d like to offer you a new way of thinking that about this that will change the way you relate to yourself around money.

Instead of focusing on why you can’t have what you want, start focusing on HOW you can and what the cost of not investing in this area will be a few months or years from now? Calculate how many hours of repeated patterns, headaches, hurts, and disappointments it would take to facilitate this kind of change…it would certainly be worth way more than that.  Notice how much more empowering that is then feeling like you are trapped or don’t get to have what you desire. Focus on how you CAN.

Next you can use a credit card to make the payment or can ask for the people in your life to help sponsor, loan, or gift you a ticket to come.