I’d like to find out about getting 1:on:1 help from you. Tell me more.

If you are asking the question it could be a good idea to explore getting additional 1:on:1 support. We’ve created an Align Your Love Life Session, which is a private 90 minute session with Bryan Franklin and Jennifer Russell that you can signup for prior to your participation in the event for an additional fee. During this session you will begin the process of understanding your current Relationship DNA and rewriting some of the unconscious patterns that could be unwittingly running the show in your relationship.

We recommend combining these. After participating in the session and event you can explore with Bryan and Jennifer whether you’d like to continue to work 1:on:1.

The event is short and in that time we can’t unwind and break through every relationship pattern that might be creating difficulties for you in your relating. Often getting some supportive on-going help to reinforce what you’ve learned and really have it live inside your relationship can mean the difference between going back to the status quo and permanently evolving your relationship.

It is an incredibly powerful experience to have someone dedicated and on your team in support of you evolving love in your life. We believe that investing in the way you relate has a bigger impact on your quality of life than almost anything else you could focus on.