Is there a guarantee? What is your refund policy?

What we can guarantee is that you will be immersed in an incredible environment with a group of people earnestly invested in healing love in themselves and others facilitated with utmost care, discernment, and love in order to help you rewrite your ‘relationship DNA’ and begin to break through some of the patterns that are holding you back from embodying your ideal love story.

Of that we can be sure…of the rest, it’s all really based on what you decide to bring and the lens you choose to experience this event through. We encourage you to take accountability for the quality of your experience and gleaning the maximum amount of value that is meaningful to you.

We currently have a 3-day cooling off period from the date of purchase during which time you can request in writing to get 100% of your money back. There is also a cancellation period which ends approximately 1 week prior to the event.  If life circumstances prevent you from joining us you can receive a full refund, minus 5% in fees.  The event has very limited space so after that date, we can not issue any refunds as we will have reserved your spot and will not have time to fill it.

You can also read our full Participation Agreement which has this policy in it.