What if I grew up in a commune? What if I’m from Nebraska? What if my hair used to be brown but I died it blonde?

We call this “Special Snowflake Syndrome,” where we believe something in our lives is so unique, nothing will ever help. At some point, you’re looking for an excuse not to join. Our desire is to show you that it’s not true, that it’s just an excuse that is likely to be holding you back from some of the things you really want most in your life.

The mindset we recommend for anything that you are looking to learn is one of open curiosity and of actively finding the value and wisdom that’s there.  This can be the difference between thinking you have all the answers and then likely staying in the same place weeks, months or even years from now OR fully taking this opportunity to get every inch of value and having it change your trajectory and life forever.  The difference between these two experiences is always up to you! We’ve noticed life’s a lot more rich, evolutionary, and fun with the later than the former.