What do you do to help us integrate the material after the event?

Integration, to us, is a key part of any experience that’s designed to re-write and transform you.  We’ve designed several aspects of this experience to help with your integration so that what you learned becomes real for you afterwards:

  1. The Evolving Love Book/Manual.   Much of what we talk about is detailed there and can be read afterwards to help integrate.  It’s a robust manual that is the beginnings of a book we will likely publish that corresponds also with what you’ll be learning.  All of the frameworks, conversations, and evolving love practices are outlined in detail in this manual for you to do once you get home.
  2. BONUS PROGRAM: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly Workbook + Email Sequence.  This workbook contains the practices we recommend that you do in your relationship to really take these concepts we experienced together and make them real.  You’ll all of these practices in writing where we break down the practices and conversations step by step PLUS a series of emails you will receive in your inbox weekly that will remind you to continue to do these practices at specific intervals.
  3. The Evolving Love Facebook Group.  You will be added to the Evolving Love Facebook group during our event which is a place where you can ask questions, share stories and insights and receive some guidance and feedback from Bryan Franklin and Jennifer Russell in the areas of love and relationship.
  4. OPTIONAL 3-Month Integration Calls: After the workshop we will be holding group integration calls once a month for 3 months so you can get laser guided coaching and talk through how the material is living on in your relationships.  When you register there is an opportunity to add on this option and you’ll have another opportunity at the workshop to sign0up if you’d like to participate in these calls.