You have an option of either bringing $20 for lunch each day and eating from our catered meal from Aracely’s, or you are welcome to go off on your own to a local area restaurant and come back when the session begins.  You will have around 1 hour and 30 minutes for lunch.

Here is the menu from Aracely’s.  They serve wonderful lunch/brunch items and are more than willing to do substitutions or omissions so that you can make many of the meals dairy free or gluten free.

To participate in lunch please email Kim at and let her know what you’d like to order and we will have it ready for you during our lunch break.

If you happen to be vegetarian.  Here are some of the menu items you might order (with or without dairy):

  • Egg scramble of the day which includes fresh organic seasonal vegetables served with your choice of either a side salad, roasted potatoes, a fresh baked good, an empanada, or the side of the day
  • Roasted mushroom tart, smoked gouda, watercress sauce, sweet potato
  • Chilaquiles with eggs and green chili’s (request it without the pork…it’s still delicious), refried beans, avocado
  • Grilled peach salad, goat cheese, pecan, chive vinaigrette, fried chickpea
  • Large garden salad which I get with a hard boiled egg and an avocado….their salads are dreamy and really large
  • Cornmeal waffles, fresh nectarines and nutella mousse
  • Croissant french toast, vanilla cream cheese, and strawberries
  • Yogurt, molasses, pistachio granola, and blueberries



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