What kind of credentials do you have in teaching love and relationship? Are you a certified therapist? psychologist? psychiatrist?

We are not certified therapists, psychologists, or psychiatrists. We are lovers first and foremost with a relationship that was built brick by brick as we discovered conversations, practices, models, and structures of relating first hand and through research with other experts and other couples whom we respect followed by working over the last 7 years both formally and informally with a variety of individuals and couples as coaches, mentors, and guides.

In addition we’ve been guest speakers on this topic at dozens of events, interviews, podcasts, telesummits, and courses. You can check out a few of those on our www.evolvinglove.us website.

Our biggest credential, and in our minds the only credential of any meaning is the exquisite truth and beauty of our own relationship and the inspiration it’s served in so many people’s lives who’ve known us best.

While we are not implying that we are done with growth in the area of love, sex, and relating, we are saying that we’ve discovered some incredibly useful distinctions and understandings along the way that we are devoted to giving to the people who we know and love as it is our belief that there is no greater work than healing love on this planet.