Will there be time at the workshop to get 1:on:1 help from Bryan and Jennifer on my specific love issues?

During the facilitated sessions of the workshop Bryan and Jennifer will be working directly with everyone in the room. At various times they’ll be using what’s happening in real time in specific individuals lives to make the material real and alive for you.


Given a full workshop schedule and the limitation of having only 3 days together and a group of other people, there will not be any ‘formal’ private sessions offered. However, there will also very likely be impromptu conversations happening in and between sessions with opportunities to bring more of your personal challenges to the room.


If this is of special interest for you, you may want to participate in the 3-Months of Group Calls starting after the workshop to help integrate what you experienced.   When you register you can add that option OR at the workshop you can indicate you’d like to join.   AND if 1:on:1 sessions are what would help you most we’d love to give you that extra support.