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Comment On The Reflection Questions

Enter the discussion with other Evolving Lovers on each lesson page. Share your answer to our Reflection Questions.  We spark each of these discussions with a question designed to help you integrate and reflect on the material for each lesson with your fellow evolving love participants. Deeply considering each of these questions is an integral part of the course and will support you in rewriting

your relationship DNA in a supportive group.  It helps to know you’re not alone!

There's a lot of collective wisdom shared there by our team, by Bryan and Jennifer and by the members of the community. Think of it as a shared diary where we all can express our biggest breakthroughs and most valuable new perspectives.

Use Our Evolving Love Workbooks

Evolving love isn’t just about what you know. What really matters is what you actually do. The exercises in the workbooks take the lessons from concepts to practice so you can really feel the difference in your relationship and in yourself.

These workbooks can help you go from stuck to moving in no time.

Inside you’ll find a full transcript of the video plus any relevant diagrams, processes, and exercises to get you interacting with the lesson content.

Evolving love isn’t just about what you know. What really matters is what you actually do. The exercises in the workbooks take the lessons from concepts to practice so you can really feel the difference in your relationship and in yourself.

These workbooks can help you go from stuck to moving in no time.

Inside you’ll find a full transcript of the video plus any relevant diagrams, processes, and exercises to get you interacting with the lesson content.

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Come Be A Guest on Our Clubhouse Calls

Want more time to interact with Jennifer & Bryan and other Evolving Lovers? Join the Evolving Love Clubhouse Calls. They will be hosting a clubhouse conversation twice a month on Wednesday's at 5:30pm.

During these clubhouse calls, you’ll get an opportunity to ask your questions, get invaluable coaching and personal support and can add your voice to the conversation sharing your own wisdom on the topics being discussed.

Get live coaching from two of the best love coaches for a fraction of the cost of a private session! Want a sample of what these calls are like before you commit?

You can join or leave an evolving love clubhouse call anytime—even after you’ve completed your Evolving Love course. We’re always here for you!

Get 1:on:1 Coaching from Bryan & Jennifer

Private laser coaching on your unique situation can have the biggest impact on you and your situation. Bryan and Jennifer work their magic during 90 minute private sessions where they custom craft exactly what you need to evolve your ideal love story. You’ll get a new, broader context for love, sex, intimacy as you work with them to unwind and permanently rewrite your specific relationship patterns.

Couples Coaching: If you and your partner just can’t see eye to eye and neither of you feel like you are being understood by the other, that’s an excellent time to reach out and get some coaching from us. You’ll both be glad you did!

Individual Coaching: If you’ve been working on the same pattern for more than a few months and you can’t seem to get what you want from your love and sex life, that’s an excellent time to get coaching from us. Right from the first session you’ll start to feel things shift inside of you and new possibilities open up around you.

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But what if…

In a group of vibrant, passionate people there are bound to be sticky situations. Here are the official steps we recommend you take.

What if… No One Responds to My Posts

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