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Creating A Powerful
Relationship Vision

SESSION #3 BONUS Relational Skill#1
Identifying Your Values


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Workbook and audio available after session recording.


In this session we dive into the first Relational Skill - Knowing and Embodying Your Values, which is a key skill you'll need to develop get the most out of our Relationship Vision process.   

We take you through a set of 3 solo and partnered exercises that will help you each find your shared values, learn how to navigate the times when these values may seem in conflict, and learn how to have those values live in your every day as your actions and behaviors are aligned together with your shared values.  

The first is a solo exercise called knowing your values where you'll discover your top 3 highest values as you prioritize which ones matter most to you.  

You'll learn in exercise#2 a relational practice around how to resolve values conflicts and integrating and learning from your partner how to hold both of your values without sacrifice and how we tend to compare the light side of our values with the shadow side of our partners.

Finally in our solo exercise #3 called 'How Your Values Would Decide' you'll learn a practice to help you live more aligned and congruently from your values in your day to day. experience.


Learn the value of explicitly identifying and prioritizing your highest relational values and what others see you embodying now...and what they don't
Uncover how to more fully and congruently align with your stated values in ways that have others experience you as a role model
Discover how to navigate common values conflicts when it seems like you and your partner have very different sets of beliefs, perspectives, and values.
Explorer how to hold each others values without comparing the LIGHT side of your values with the SHADOW side of theirs
Learn how to interview your values and your partners to find out how they would respond to common challenges

“You know you are in love when you don’t want to fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams."

- Dr. Suess

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