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Creating A Powerful Relationship Vision

SESSION #4 Skill#2 Hold The Highest & Skill#3 Both AND



We dive into the other 3 core relational skills for creating a powerful relationship vision which are:

  • How to 'Holding the Highest' Intention for your Partner
  • How to Bring Inclusive Collaboration 'BOTH And vs Either Or' into how you navigate differences in your relationship. 

We'll be sharing some step by step practices you'll find in the downloadable workbook to help you further develop these core relational skills.   

Here are the exercises you'll find here:

  • SOLO EXERCISE: Finding The Triumphs
  • SOLO EXERCISE: 7-Day Be The We Challenge
  • PARTNERED EXERCISE: Identifying Your Partner's True Essence
  • PARTNERED EXERCISE: Sharing The Impact Part


As you participate in our sessions and skills labs you'll be upgradeing your Relational Quotient (RQ) which is a measure of the consciousness and health of a relationship, and a person’s ability to create and maintain health in their relationships.

When we explore how to 'Be The We', you'll discover your 'Me Focused' vs 'We Focused' beliefs and will do an exercise to learn the difference between when you are doing one versus the other.

We'll give you a 7-day  'Be The We Challenge' which will have you journaling and reflecting with each other on how it's going.

As we look to develop ways to collaborate across our difference we'll explore ways to integrate seemingly conflicting perspectives into something even greater that doesn't have either side needing to compromise.   You'll learn ways to help you bring this into daily interactions to help you take on a more complex, nuanced, and evolutionary perspective.


Explore how to notice even the supposed 'flaws' in yourself and in your partner as a Triumph in your story that points to a lot of growth you've each had
Discover and communicate your partner's truest essence that is part of who they really are beyond any pain, patterns, or personality.
Learn how to share the impact that's happening in your interactions in a productive way - seeing the shadow and light and learning how these moments are your guide to growth
Uncover your 'Me Focused' and 'We Focused Beliefs' and how they impact how you relate day to day
Take the 7-Day 'Be The We' Challenge to support you in unhooking from any of the unhealthy Me Focused beliefs and developing strong empathy, listening and tracking skills
Learn collaborative skills that teach you how to hold multiple perspectives across many seemingly conflicting differences which is right where the highest growth is for you and your partner.

“You know you are in love when you don’t want to fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams."

- Dr. Suess

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