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Creating A Powerful Relationship Vision

SESSION #5 Skill#4 Be the We Integration & Coaching

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Workbook and audio available after session recording.

Audio Lesson 5


We started be sharing our 4th Relational Skill Be the We and worked with everyone on their relational skills checking in on which skill you were working on and giving several more tools and skills to help you hold your partner in their highest.

We left time for Q&A on the process, the RQ skills, and on love and relationship in general plus time in your 'Love Pods' to get more reflection, sharing and support.


Get Live Coaching and Support from Jennifer and Bryan on uncovering the common themes that you are exploring in your relationship that form the pillars of your relationship vision
Get support to make sure you aren't falling into 2 of the most common mistakes people make when creating a relationship vision using this process
Get mirrors and feedback from your LOVE PODS as they work with you in small groups to begin focusing in on the most important elements of your vision
Discover how well your partner did at capturing your true essence and values as they share their reflections and what you can learn about what they noticed...and what they didn't.
Discover and get feedback from your partner as you share your Reflections.  Learn how well you did at capturing their true essence and values.

“You know you are in love when you don’t want to fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams."

- Dr. Suess

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