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Module 10

Daily, Weekly, Monthly
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LESSON 1: Daily Practices For An Extraordinary Relationship -The First Light Practice



In this Evolving Love course, you've had some big breakthroughs and some major course corrections for yourself and your partnership. Congrats on that!

Now it's time to learn the little things that you can do every day to keep on track and not slip back into old habits.

In this lesson you'll learn five daily practices that only take a few minutes (some only take a few seconds!) but can make a huge difference in how your relationship feels to you over time.

Some daily practices are super easy, and don't even require a partner to participate. Some might be challenging to you and feel like you have to really stretch yourself in order to do them. Start with the easy ones and grow over time. You don't have to do every single practice every single day, but the more consistent you are together as a couple, the better your relationship will feel over time.

The First Daily Practice is 'First Light.' Watch the video above and follow along in the manual to learn this practice.


Learn a practice that takes 30 seconds or less and can make sure you never get up "on the wrong side of the bed"
Do this practice daily 'at first light' and notice how different your day feels
Discover how a simple ritual can change your state

“Love is a zendo, a spiritual dojo and sometimes a spa….We fall in love with (i.e.: hire) the sexiest, smartest, most advanced version of the parent we have the most wounds with in order to heal and transcend the hidden shackles from those wounds. It’s the most important job we ever interview for and should be taken very seriously, so never settle."

- Annie Lalla

REFLECTION QUESTION  | Answer the question(s) below

What first light ritual did you choose? How has it impacted the rest of your day?

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