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Module 10

Daily, Weekly, Monthly
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LESSON 4: Daily Practices For An Extraordinary Relationship -
Be Nice To Your Imaginary Friend Practice



According to Brad Blanton, author of Radical Honesty, the leading cause of disease is stress. (We think most doctors would agree). The leading cause of stress?


Not just outright lies, but all the omisions, the "spin", the "framing", and various ways we try to shape the truth rather than trusting it's power and beauty. Here's a reminder about the third daily practice for evolutionary love relationships.

This is a deceptively simple but incredibly transformative game which many extraordinary couples play continuously at all times during their relationship.

It is based on the principle that we sometimes fool ourselves when we make the determination about what is relevant and interesting to bring up with our partner and which thoughts simply don’t need to be said out loud.

In the most evolutionary partnerships, the only reason not to share a thought that you’ve had is if it simply has no energy or life to it.

In most relationships, there are all kinds of thoughts that each partner is “protecting” each other from by concealing, and each concealed thought creates a crack in the integrity of the relationship and drives the partners further into separate internal worlds where there is no intimacy and therefor no love can be exchanged. If an average married person shares 60% of their thoughts with their spouse, than 40% of them is never going to be known by and therefore loved by their partner. Without a partner’s love, that 40% will never grow or evolve.

As a BONUS for your participation in this Evolving Love Course we've included our Daily, Weekly, Monthly Practices course which includes an email delivered to your inbox each week for 1 year. The email includes one of the Evolving Love Practices plus some step by step instructions so you can take what you've learned from this course and bring it into your daily life.


Learn how to instantly stop 50% or more of all your arguments, simply by changing one single thought process
Discover how often you might be fighting with your partner, even when they aren't even there
Explore ways to make sure your partner isn't 'walking on eggshells' when they are around you

“Love is a zendo, a spiritual dojo and sometimes a spa….We fall in love with (i.e.: hire) the sexiest, smartest, most advanced version of the parent we have the most wounds with in order to heal and transcend the hidden shackles from those wounds. It’s the most important job we ever interview for and should be taken very seriously, so never settle."

- Annie Lalla

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