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Module 10

Daily, Weekly, Monthly
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LESSON 5: Daily Practices For An Extraordinary Relationship -
Attraction Gardening Practice



If you look for the "cause" of agitation in a relationship, you could find an endless list of possible (and plausible) causes from hydration, hunger, broken agreements, not enough sex, hormonal imbalances (in both men and women!), stress at work, etc. etc.

"Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired."

- Robert Frost

The number one reason why most people think that passion naturally dies out in long term relationships is that they don't realize that they are 100% in control of their own turn-on and sexual desire. Once you come to this realization, your life can forever be brimming over with a lush, thriving garden of sexual pleasure and desire. The fifth daily practice for evolving love relationships helps you practice owning your own turn-on and can help you embody this realization in your bones.

Extraordinary relationships maintain a high degree of sexual charge and polarity decades into the relationship. In fact, there can easily be more turn-on and attracting in the 10th year of marriage than there was on the honeymoon.

Consider the sexual attraction between you and your partner to be like a lush and vibrant garden. If you don’t care for it, It could soon become a dry, dead, bed of brambles. But if you do your Attraction Gardening every day, you be welcomed by a beautiful, fragrant natural garden of delights.

As a BONUS for your participation in this Evolving Love Course we've included our Daily, Weekly, Monthly Practices course which includes an email delivered to your inbox each week for 1 year. The email includes one of the Evolving Love Practices plus some step by step instructions so you can take what you've learned from this course and bring it into your daily life.


Learn a practice that takes only 1-2 seconds each time you see your partner, but can be the difference between a fading spark in your sex life and a roaring forrest fire
Discover where to put your focus to magnify your desire
Explore how to wield your attention in deliberate ways to create the relationship you want

“Love is a zendo, a spiritual dojo and sometimes a spa….We fall in love with (i.e.: hire) the sexiest, smartest, most advanced version of the parent we have the most wounds with in order to heal and transcend the hidden shackles from those wounds. It’s the most important job we ever interview for and should be taken very seriously, so never settle."

- Annie Lalla

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