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Module 10

Daily, Weekly, Monthly
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LESSON 9: Monthly Practices For An Extraordinary Relationship -
The Undefended Request for Feedback Practice



We want to remind you about one of the most powerful Evolving Love Monthly Practices...

"Feedback is the breakfast of champions." - Ken Blanchard

This practice is a way of asking yourself: Have you surrendered to become your higher self?

In every evolutionary love relationship, both partners are continually putting attention on growth and development. In fact, several of the conflict resolution processes in this manual result explicit growth assignments.

Growth isn’t always easy or fun, because it often involves facing things about ourselves that we had previously pretended weren’t a problem or weren't important, and the closer we get to becoming our divine selves, the more of our constructed ego-based identity we must leave behind. This is typically a scary and even painful experience.

Without the explicit practice of the Undefended Request For Feedback, even extraordinary relationships can drift into a pattern where the only time that each partner’s growth path is discussed is in the context of hurt feelings, conflict, or even a fight.

The distorted lens that both partners view these “crunchy” times has the potential of giving you a greatly distorted view of your actual progress toward your growth and development goals.

And depending on your history and reliability with self-development, you may even forget to think about the areas that you swore you’d work on during your last fight in between times when your partner gets upset. All of this can contribute to repetitive conflict, which is a sure sign that your relationship (and you) have stopped evolving.

As a BONUS for your participation in this Evolving Love Course we've included our Daily, Weekly, Monthly Practices course which includes an email delivered to your inbox each week for 1 year. The email includes one of the Evolving Love Practices plus some step by step instructions so you can take what you've learned from this course and bring it into your daily life.


Learn a practice that can skyrocket your growth with your partner
Discover what's really at the heart of your recurring patterns and what triggers your partner most about them
Discover the roadmap for what creates the experience of love and growth for your partner

“Love is a zendo, a spiritual dojo and sometimes a spa….We fall in love with (i.e.: hire) the sexiest, smartest, most advanced version of the parent we have the most wounds with in order to heal and transcend the hidden shackles from those wounds. It’s the most important job we ever interview for and should be taken very seriously, so never settle."

- Annie Lalla

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