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Module 2

Price of Admission:
8 Basic Dos & Don’ts

LESSON 1: 8 Basic Things You Should Always Do In Your Relationship



These are the 8 basic "do's" that are the price of admission into a healthy relationship. There is a foundation of respect and common sense that must pervade all of your relationships If you want to create an evolutionary relationship. It doesn’t matter how well you waxed the car if you drive it off the road into a telephone pole.

These basic do’s, when violated, undermine any effort toward building an evolving loving love story. The most powerful healings and epiphanies mean nothing unless these basics are handled.

We consider these 8 things the very 'price of admission' for entering a relationship.

Fortunately, it’s never too late for you to clean up your act (it might be too late to save a relationship damaged by ignoring these basic principles but it’s not too late for your next one).

Share with us in the comments below which of the basic DO's you haven't been doing and which of the DON'Ts you have been doing.  Let us know which one you feel committed to changing over the coming weeks.


Learn the “price of admission” to begin any evolving love relationship
Explore how to create an atmosphere of trust, truth, and mutual support                                                      
Create a high water mark in your relationship where you are doing each of the 'Do's'


Listen without interrupting
Actively believe in your partner's greatness
Make their physical and emotional environment nice                                                                                            
Complement them - including how they look
Say "I love you" and mean it
Encourage them to have strong ties to their family
Respect them as powerful, capable, and independent beings
Show up for them when they are sick

“A person that doesn’t know their worth will never know yours”

- Shannon L. Alder

REFLECTION QUESTION  | Answer the question(s) below

Reflection question module 2

Which of these 8 Basic Do's can you admit that you HAVEN'T been doing?

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