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Module 4

Resolving Conflicts Permanently

LESSON 10: What Did You Learn In Module 4?

QUIZ | Select one answer from the choices below

In the Perfect Vision Conflict Resolution Process, the 4 conversations you need to have that can resolve your conflicts permanently are:
What's the most evolutionary way to interpret your partner's complaints?
If you are having the 1st conversation about your partner's present perfection, who decides when it's being done successfully?
Although these conversations can happen in any order, what is the best recommendation for where to begin?
If you are having the conversation about your partner's future vision, who decides when it's been done successfully?

“Ultimately it’s not with who, but when you choose to surrender."

- Lisa Citore

REFLECTION QUESTION  | Answer the question(s) below

What idea, belief, quality, or practice are you taking away from this module?

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