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Module 4

Resolving Conflicts Permanently

LESSON 2: Resolve Your Conflicts Permanently



If you don't ever fully resolve your conflicts, then the weight of unresolved conflicts in your relationship just gets heavier and heavier and heavier. How do you resolve specific conflicts you’ve had over and over? How do you bring up difficult conversations without escalating into a fight?

For that, you need an effective conflict resolution process.

  • One that's actually effective at resolving the conflict, not just repairing hurt feelings and doing the whole thing over again.
  • One where both of you really get your needs met.
  • One that feels good to both partners - so that the conversation is one you always want to have.
  • One that gets underneath the surface issues and feels safe enough for both partners to be completely honest, vulnerable, and loved.
  • One that you both agree to and actually use

That's exactly why we designed the Perfect Vision Conflict Resolution Process that we introduce here that can end your fights permanently. We will lead you through a set of 4 conversations that have to happen for a conflict to be resolved permanently.


Get introduced to the 'Perfect Vision' Conflict Resolution process that can end fights permanently
Learn the 4 conversations that have to happen for a conflict to be resolved
Understand what keeps conflict alive and repeating in our lives
Settle once and for all “whose stuff is whose” - settle this with no ambiguity untangling any places where your blind spots prevent you from seeing your partner’s blind spots clearly - and vice versa.

“Ultimately it’s not with who, but when you choose to surrender."

- Lisa Citore

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