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Module 4

Resolving Conflicts Permanently

LESSON 9: Lightning Fast Conflict Resolution For Couples



Now that you've seen the entire "Perfect Vision" process at work on a real conflict, you can see how powerful it can be. You may have also noticed that it can be quite involved and time consuming. For some conflicts, it is totally worth it. Spending an hour or so working out a conflict is way better than walking around angry for days.

In this lesson, you'll see how to do the "lightning" version of the "Perfect Vision" process that you can use for those small little niggles that might not warrant sitting down and having a formal conflict resolution process.


Learn how to use the "lightning" version of the "Perfect Vision" conflict resolution process
See how you can resolve conflicts even before they happen
See how you can resolve conflicts even when your partner seems unwilling to do the same

“Ultimately it’s not with who, but when you choose to surrender."

- Lisa Citore

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Name one complaint you've heard from partner. What positive value were they standing for?

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