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Module 7

10 Breakthroughs From Ordinary To Extraordinary Love

Breakthrough #4: Commitment Isn't What You Think It Is



Ordinarily, it is incredibly important that our primary commitments are to each other. Most people will tell you that that is how to create a relationship that lasts. commitment to each other in the relationship is what creates the feeling of safety that allows for deeper intimacy isn't it?

If one partner is more committed than the other, this lack of balance will be the constant source of irritation and frustration in the relationship. Of course, if you are not committed to each other, then when something better comes along or things get hard, the relationship can simply dissolve.

In this lesson, we look deeply at the concept of commitment and discover what we want to commit to even more fully than each other. You'll learn that in an extraordinary relationship the connection between two people isn't maintained through a commitment to each other but is stabilized through something else even more powerful. You'll learn how this new commitment can actually help resolve some of the seemingly unresolvable conflicts around who gets whose way.

Share in the comments the most important purpose you hold for being in a relationship.


Upgrade the unhealthy personal beliefs you might be carrying around and install a set of 10 evolutionary principals
Complete a thorough self-investigation and inventory of the ways you unconsciously support and undermine your partnership
Discover the 4th breakthrough of extraordinary relating
Learn what we can commit to other than each other that is even more powerful and stabilizing for the relationship
Explore how this new commitment can actually help resolve the seemingly unresolvable conflicts, like who gets whose way

“You know you are in love when you don’t want to fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams."

- Dr. Suess

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Why are you in a relationship? What is the context for relating with others?

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