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Module 9

The Ultimate Compatibility Test
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LESSON 1: The Deepest Reason To Be Together



Welcome to Module 9! In lesson 1, you'll learn the deepest reason that evolving love relationships come together and stay together. True love partnerships can be as challenging as they are rewarding, and often the only path forward is to evolve beyond your current beliefs about yourself. This can be frightening and challenging! Fortunately, there is a deep motivation available that is far stronger than any challenge you could face.

This lesson teaches you the three major categories that relationship "Third Poles" fall into, and how to identify which one is right for you.

Share in the comments what you believe is the most important purpose of being in a relationship.


Learn the deepest reason to be together
Learn the 3 major reasons to be in love and how they create different kinds of relationships
See why most common motivations for being in relationships are part of why they don't work out
Learn how to find a powerful motivation in yourself and your partner
Get the blueprint for an important and rewarding conversation for evolving love

“This Is Love: To Fly Toward A Secret Sky, To Cause A Hundred Veils To Fall Each Moment. First To Let Go Of Life. Finally, To Take A Step Without Feet."

- Rumi

REFLECTION QUESTION  | Answer the question(s) below

What is the context for being in relationship? Why do want to be in one?

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