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Module 9

The Ultimate Compatibility Test
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LESSON 4: Who Gets Their Way (And Why)?



In this lesson, we settle one of the oldest debates in love, "Who gets their way?" When two people in love each want different things, how do you decide who gets their way (and who doesn't)? This question is at the center of a power struggle that can either tear your relationship apart or strengthen its bonds.

Most couples aren't even aware of how they decide, they just do it unconsciously. Often there is an imbalance, where one or the other person in the couple always gets their way.

But even when things seem balanced, if the couple is deciding what to do based on preferences rather than purpose, conflict is never too far around the corner.

In an evolving love relationship, it is the relationship's purpose that decides, not the individual's preferences. Learn how that works and how to apply it in your relationship and instantly resolve potentially hundreds of future silly fights.


Learn the difference between deciding based on preferences and deciding based on purpose
See how your relationship purpose can change how you interact on a day-to-day basis
Get real-life examples for how to use a relationship purpose to decide who gets who's way

“This Is Love: To Fly Toward A Secret Sky, To Cause A Hundred Veils To Fall Each Moment. First To Let Go Of Life. Finally, To Take A Step Without Feet."

- Rumi

REFLECTION QUESTION  | Answer the question(s) below

What have you been using to make key decisions in your relationships in the past? How has that worked?

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