Module 1

Getting The Most
From Evolving Love



We want you to get the most out of the course, there are a few things we’d like to ask from you: Show up! I know that this may sound obvious.  You likely have EVERY intention of doing so (after all, you just registered with a resounding YES, But we also know that the initial excitement you're feeling right now can be quickly flamed out by the hundreds of mini-fires that show up between now and our time together each week.

We can not do the work for you! It will require your commitment. You are ultimately fully responsible for creating a high-quality experience and getting exactly want you to want from this course.

You've taken a big step today to upgrade your relational skills. All it will take is your willingness to show up with a clear intention and a focus on applying what you learn in this course.

Take a look at our Commitments which are designed to set yourself up for success while you are here! Click I AGREE and share with us the new habit or practice you are committing to take that will support you in this course.


AGREEMENTS  Select 'I Agree' to make the course agreements

I agree to be a fully contributing participant and not to be a spectator. I agree to thoughtfully review the content, engage in the questions and exercises, and complete the lessons within each module. I will play full out and not sit back.
I agree that it's ultimately up to me to get value from this course and that I will get back what I put in. I will be accountable, clear, and empowered to take the steps necessary to make my experience of this course fulfilling, transformative, and fun. I realize that my transformation is up to me and toward that end, I will take responsibility to keep these agreements and to commit to doing what I say I am going to do.
I agree to engage and reach out for support if I get stuck. I will share answers to the reflection questions, engage in the Evolving Love Facebook group, join the live Evolving Love Circle calls, and/or signup for a private 1:on:1 session with Bryan or Jennifer when I need help.
I agree to be teachable. I will come with an open mind and a willingness to have my mind expanded and changed. I realize that my willingness to change my experience often requires the willingness to take on new beliefs, perspectives, habits, and skills.
I agree to be loving and generous when I share my comments on the lesson pages and on the Evolving Love Facebook group and in any interactions with the Evolving Love Community. I agree not to bring negativity, bullying, bigotry, hate speech, gossip, or toxic energy
I agree to not use the Evolving Love website, Facebook group or platform to promote my professional offers or that of others.
I agree to keep my member contact details and subscription payments up to date in the "MY ACCOUNT" section of the site
I agree to reserve membership access for personal use only and will not share my login details with others.
I agree to respect the Evolving Love copyright and won't replicate or teach any of the Evolving Love content without express written consent and attribution.

“We can not live in a world without war until we heal the war between the sexes.”

- The People of Tamera

REFLECTION QUESTION  | Answer the question(s) below

What new habit or practice will you commit to, to make sure you have a great experience of this course?

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