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Module 6

There's More Than One Reason for Conflict

LESSON 1: Anatomy Of Conflict: The More You Understand, The Smoother Things Can Be



Welcome to Module 6! Now that you've successfully navigated and resolved your first conflict using the Perfect Vision conflict resolution process, it's time to understand more deeply what is going on behind the scenes when you are in a conflict with someone you love.

You probably have noticed that there is more than one story happening at once during a conflict. Some of the stories are more logical and present tense, others are childhood patterns playing themselves out, and still, others seem to be more universal conflicts that all men and women can fall prey to.

Each of these stories is a "layer" of conflict. In this lesson, we will show you all the different layers of conflict and how each can have an effect on you and your ability to keep your cool.

The more you understand about conflict, the more "exit ramps" you can build for yourself and your partner when conflict arises, to make sure that you can resolve each conflict while continuing to treat each other the way you most want to treat those you love.


Learn the anatomy of conflict, with each of it's different layers
Discover that there is more than one explanation for each conflict
See how different layers of conflict have a different relationship to time, and how that can either help you or prevent you from being able to see the true nature of your conflict
Experience more confidence in your ability to resolve conflict lovingly by understanding hidden dynamics in your conflicts

“Emotional Maturity means that your awareness operates even during the most profound emotional states."

- Richard Rudd

REFLECTION QUESTION  | Answer the question(s) below

What layers are you already noticing are present when you are triggered or in a conflict?

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