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Module 6

There's More Than One Reason for Conflict

LESSON 2: The Conflicts That Have Been Going On For Centuries



In this lesson, we explore the anatomy of conflict from the first layer (-4) - The Collective Consciousness. We'll look at what the 'Collective Consciousness layer really is and will explore the set of shared beliefs, ideas and moral attitudes which are often operating not just within ourselves but also reinforced all around us in our culture.

We'll see how these memes are replicated and passed down culturally much like genes are passed down biologically - storing all our past narratives, beliefs, and wounding from multiple generations dating back thousands of years that still operate our primal fears inside us today.

Share in the comments below a time when you notice this layer impacting your reactions. What ancient belief is creating that reaction?


Learn the first and lowest layer of conflict that impacts our interactions
Discover how to recognize when this layer is active in your conflicts
Explore what the 'Collective Consciousness' is and how it is passed down through the generations forming your beliefs, ideas, and moral attitudes
Learn a visualization process that will help you see and resolve your conflicts from this layer

“Emotional Maturity means that your awareness operates even during the most profound emotional states."

- Richard Rudd

REFLECTION QUESTION  | Answer the question(s) below

Recognizing this layer: When you get triggered, do you feel the weight of all others in your circumstance? Is there a collective belief in your ancestral lineage that might be adding to your reaction?

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