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Module 6

There's More Than One Reason for Conflict

LESSON 6: Why "Never Go To Bed Angry" Might Be Horrible Advice



In this lesson, we explore the anatomy of conflict from the fifth layer (0), our body sensations. Here we come into the present moment and come to understand how impacted we are by things lack of sleep, lack of nourishment, aches and pains felt in our bodies.

In this lesson, we look at the layer of conflict at the level of our primal animal body and instincts. Is our body open and relaxed? Is it in fight or flight?

Are there things we can do to relax into a state of love, safety, and belonging? We'll explore these questions here.

Share in the comments which of these factors (being under slept, underfed, under hydrated, under sexed, under touched, or hormone imbalance) shortens your fuse the most.


Learn about the fifth layer of conflict
Discover how to pay attention to your body before engaging in what could be delicate conversations with your partner
Understand what the body is trying to tell you and how to relax from fight/flight to a state of love, safety, and belonging
Make some body agreements that will help make sure you are fully resourced when it matters most

“Emotional Maturity means that your awareness operates even during the most profound emotional states."

- Richard Rudd

REFLECTION QUESTION  | Answer the question(s) below

Recognizing this layer: Which of these factors shortens your fuse the most? Being under slept, under fed, under hydrated, under sexed, under touched, or hormone balanced?

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