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Module 6

There's More Than One Reason for Conflict

LESSON 9: The Main Theme Of Your Life Story



In this lesson, we explore the anatomy of conflict from the eighth and final layer (+3), our dharmic themes. We'll explore how we have all come to the human experience with a set of dharmic themes we are here to explore.

These themes act like gravity wells in our life experience drawing to us the events, beliefs, situations, and people from whom we can most fully understand these themes. We'll look at how these themes are (by design) the very irritant that forms the pearl of our enlightenment.

We'll look at the three stages these dharmic themes tend to get expressed in our relationships starting with the shadow frequency all the way up to Siddhic states.

Share in the comments below what dharmic theme do you see repeating in your interactions that are not just personal but is actually transpersonal - something humanity is here to heal?


Learn the eight layer of conflict that impacts our interactions
Discover how to recognize when this layer is active in your life
Learn why our patterns seem to persist and repeat
Explore the 3 stages we go through in this particular layer of conflict
Look at the 64 shadows and states to see which ones feel like a major theme you've seen in this lifetime

“Emotional Maturity means that your awareness operates even during the most profound emotional states."

- Richard Rudd

REFLECTION QUESTION  | Answer the question(s) below

Recognizing this layer: What dharmic theme do you see repeating in all your interactions?

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