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Module 8

The Ultimate Compatibility Test

LESSON 2: SoulMates? The Ultimate Compatibility Test



In this lesson, we cover the most frequently asked question about relationships. "How do I know if they are the right one for me?"

Whether you believe in soul-mates or not, when a relationship gets difficult, it is natural to wonder if it's worth it to work it out, or if it just wasn't meant to be.

Fortunately, there is a very straightforward way to get the right answer. If you have ever wondered if you are in the right relationship for you, this is the most important set of questions you can ask yourself.

The answers might be challenging for you, but they are never unclear. Complete this lesson and our Soul-Mates test and you will know once and for all.

Share in the comments what future vision does your partner hold for you. Share what future vision you hold for your partner.


Learn the very simple answer to what can be a complicated question
Whether you believe in Soul-Mates or not, know for certain if they are right for you
Debunk out-dated forms of compatibility, like "zodiac signs", "common interests", or "personality types".

“For Small Creatures Such As We,
The Vastness Is Only Bearable Through Love."

- Carl Sagan

REFLECTION QUESTION  | Answer the question(s) below

What future vision does your partner hold for you? What future vision do you hold for your partner?

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