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Module 8

The Ultimate Compatibility Test

LESSON 3: Common Compatibility mistakes



Once you've seen the connection between "compatibility" and "your vision for your partner's future", this lesson shows you the most common mistakes that people make when setting a future vision for their partner. This is a *vital* skill for any evolutionary love partnership, and it is not a skill that we tend to practice or learn.

Listen to the common mistakes carefully to identify which of them you are likely to make, and double check with your partner that your future vision for them doesn't suffer from one of these mistakes. The more powerful and appropriate your vision is for your partner, the more connected and compatible you will feel together.


Learn the common mistakes couples make when forming a vision for their partner's future
Listen to real-world examples of couples that had compatible visions and those that didn't
Check your own thinking to see if you are making one of the common mistakes
Get a chance to think about your partner's future in a new and empowering way

“For Small Creatures Such As We,
The Vastness Is Only Bearable Through Love."

- Carl Sagan

REFLECTION QUESTION  | Answer the question(s) below

Let us know in your last significant relationship(s) share your response to this question: "I was more committed to ______ than to discovering and developing into ______."

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