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Module 8

The Ultimate Compatibility Test

LESSON 4: How Long Does It Take (To know if we're compatible)?



In this lesson we're asked the question, "How long does it take to know (if we're compatible)?"

It might seem intimidating at first to talk openly about what you see for your partner's future and what they might see for yours. "Is this something you can dive into right away? Doesn't it take time to develop clear ideas about the strengths and limitations of your partner? Is it even any of my business?"

We clear up the answers to each of these questions and show you a few different ways to approach the conversation so it feels fun and engaging. We also make a distinction between championing someone's future (good) and taking on a pet project to try to fix them (not so good).


Get clear answers to questions about how to use the ultimate compatibility test
Learn the difference between trying to fix someone and believing in their future
Understand the connection between what you think is possible for your partner and how compatible you might be
Use the analogy of a "performance review" to see how the ultimate compatibility test works

“For Small Creatures Such As We,
The Vastness Is Only Bearable Through Love."

- Carl Sagan

REFLECTION QUESTION  | Answer the question(s) below

Is there any part of your vision for your partner that you are afraid to share? What is the basis of that fear? What kind of environment would you need to create in order to feel safe with your partner in the face of that fear?

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